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Void Squares (PvE Arena Horde Map)

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Level 22 : Expert Theorist
Short Description:

Minecraft Version: 1.17.1

Gamemode: Adventure (Replayable Horde PvE map)

Players: 1-4 recommended, map supports any number of players

Must be in adventure mode and on any difficulty except peaceful (default is normal)

Long Description:

Warp into an arena consisting of a predetermined layout of random block rooms selected in the pregame lobby. Play by yourself or with friends. Kill mobs for better loot and kill enough mobs to spawn the final boss. As you and your team become more powerful, so do your enemies. The block rooms making up the mapspace can be randomized before each round or be kept the same as the previous round. Most Importantly, every 10 kills more mobs will spawn into the mapspace in random spots and existing mobs that are similar to the new ones will teleport to a random spot.

As of v1.1.1 there are:
  • 42 block rooms
  • 3 mapspace layouts
  • 1 wave type

Block rooms are 14x14 squares that are combined in a random order to create the map space in which the game takes place. Every block room can be seen and explored in the pregame lobby.

Map layouts are selected by the players before starting a round. Map layouts determine how block rooms are placed on the grid to generate the map space. Examples include 4x4 and pitch fork.

Wave types are what determine the mobs that will spawn throughout a given round. Each one has a certain theme that can be seen as a round progresses. An example is Overworld Night which consists of some of the common mobs found at night in normal Minecraft.


The math folder in my datapack was originally made by Cloud Wolf.
Cloud Wolf’s Website: Cloud Wolf Scripts
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

v1.1.1 Update (Major balancing changes, new sounds and visuals, a new custom item, and more) : 11/12/2021 12:44:58 pmNov 12th

Void Squares v1.1.1:

New Gameplay Modifier - Half Hearts:
  • Added a new optional gameplay modifier called Half Hearts
    • If Half Hearts is enabled all players will have their base health changed to 5 hearts instead of the usual 10
    • If the final boss is defeated with Half Hearts enabled then all players will receive an additional 250 personal kills to spend in the kill shop however they wish
    • Half Hearts can be enabled and disabled in the pregame lobby

General Gameplay:
  • Mapspace generation is now performed when a game is started instead of when selecting a layout type in the pregame lobby, this also means the mapspace will automatically be regenerated every round without having to interact with the layout buttons between games
  • If there are multiple players and a player dies, their gamemode will be changed to spectator mode. If all players are dead then everyone will be teleported to the pregame lobby in adventure mode
  • Removed the adventure mode and spectator mode buttons (This is because of the feature stated above this one)
  • Mobs no longer drop their usual items with three exceptions as of now:
    • Skeletons have a chance of dropping arrows
    • Strays have a chance of dropping arrows and slowness arrows
    • Witches drop potions they are about to use
  • All bosses now have boss health bars that are displayed on the screen to all players
  • All bosses now have a unique sound that plays when they spawn
  • All players are now healed when respawned/teleported above the mapspace upon reaching 250 kills
  • All players’ experience levels and points are reset when a new round is started
  • Added a text chat message when the emergency zombie function is triggered (If there are no zombies or skeletons in the mapspace and there is at least 1 total kill then 10 emergency zombies are spawned in to keep the game going)

Wave Type - Overworld Night:
  • Readjusted the number of mobs that spawn every 10 kills, particularly less early game
  • Reduced the number of skeletons
  • Reduced the number of witches
  • Significantly increased the number of spider jockeys
  • Increased the number of damage that spider jockeys do (skeleton from 1 to 3, spider from 2 to 3)
  • Orange tier skeletons now have an arrow of harming (0% chance of dropping) in their offhand instead of a crossbow
  • Red tier skeletons now have a bow with Punch I (5% chance of dropping) in their main hand instead of an unenchanted bow and an arrow of harming (0% chance of dropping) in their offhand instead of a crossbow
  • Five zombie villagers now spawn in with the other mobs that spawn in with the final boss
  • Lowered the drop rates of swords and axes from zombies:
    • Wood Weapons: Reduced from 75% down to 15% (Note: Zombies that drop wooden weapons always have both a wooden sword and wooden axe with a 15% chance to drop each of them separately)
    • Stone Weapons: Reduced from 75% down to 25%
    • Iron Weapons: Reduced from 75% down to 20%
    • Diamond Weapons: Reduced from 75% down to 15%
    • Netherite Weapons: Reduced from 75% down to 10%
  • Changed the first boss’ weapon from a stone sword to a wooden sword and moved the speed increase from the weapon to the boss’ stats
  • Renamed the second boss’ weapon from “The Shatter Shot” to“The Sure Shot”
  • Buffed the fourth boss’ weapon to deal more damage
  • Buffed the final boss’ weapon to deal more damage, increased the boss’ follow range, the boss is now immune to fire, and moved the speed increase from the weapon to the boss’ stats
  • The time of day will now change to night upon reaching 250 total kills

Block Rooms:
  • In the magma block room, changed the magma blocks into cobblestone and changed the cobblestone into magma blocks, also made aesthetic changes
  • In the throne hall block room, added soul fire to the top of the four purpur pillars
  • In the tents block room, removed the carpet beds inside the tents
  • Made the warped prismarine block room completely symmetrical
  • Redesigned the yellow quartz intersection block room and the mushroom island block room to allow enemies at higher elevations to safely jump down to ground level
  • Aesthetic changes to the pink & blue colored blockroom
  • Added a future block room teaser

Kill Shop:
  • Added a new item to the kill shop called the Glow Staff (Costs 80 kills)
    • Right click to give all mobs glowing for 10 seconds (Costs 10 xp levels per use)
  • Reduced the number of arrows given per purchase from 32 to 16
  • Reduced the number of spectral arrows given per purchase from 32 to 16
  • Increased the cost to buy a Black Shield in the kill shop from 100 to 125
  • Reduced the cost to buy a Turtle Shell in the kill shop from 125 to 100
  • Increased the cost to buy a Totem of Undying in the kill shop from 150 to 200
  • Added messages that appear in text chat and audio cues to let the player know if their attempt to buy an item in the kill shop was successful or not
  • Removed one of the fence blocks in the kill shop to make it easier to enter the kill shop
  • Added more arrows on the floor of the kill shop pointing to signs that describe custom items

  • Added teleporting sound when players are teleported above the mapspace
  • Changed text that appears on the screen when a layout type is selected in the pregame lobby from “Layout Generated” to “Layout Selected”
  • The enchanting room is now closed for renovations
  • Players should no longer be able to see command blocks while on the ground in the mapspace
  • Minor tweaks to some of the signs in the pregame lobby
  • Some non-player facing changes to commands and functions

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