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blackcomputer avatar blackcomputer
Level 23 : Expert Theorist
Shackle Sunday by blackcomputer
Playing Details:

Version: 1.15.2

Gamemode: Adventure (Adventure map)

Players: 1-4 players (2-3 players recommended)

Approximately 1-3 hours of game time


This island only serves one point. Contain the undesired. A recently banished group of crusaders have been dumped on this island. Those who survived the fall will most likely try to escape. They can surely try but their lives are chained down to this island. Our job is to make sure no ties are broken.

Must be in adventure mode and on any difficulty except peaceful (default is normal)
CreditPlay testers logs98(PMC map maker) & lannister7
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Version 2.0(Changed map objective, balancing changes, updated to Minecraft 1.15.2 & more) : by blackcomputer 05/03/2020 3:26:05 pmMay 3rd, 2020

Version 2.0 Patch List:
  • Changed the objective of the map to activate every emergency button on the island to open the escape passage
  • Changed the ending to involve the escape passage
  • Updated Shackle Sunday to Minecraft 1.15.2
  • Added more maps of the island around the island
  • Added a prototype blimp above Construction Central
  • Changed the layout of Bolstered Base
  • Reduced the number of spawners at Tainted Tomb
  • Added more loot at Tainted Tomb
  • Added a fourth entrance into Tainted Tomb
  • Added more loot at Snowy Scape
  • Made it easier to enter the mountain at Snowy Scape
  • Added a crafting table near Snowy Scape
  • Removed some of the Guardian spawners at Lifeless Lake
  • Removed one spawner around the green tents between Lifeless Lake and Vanished Village
  • Added more loot near the northern portion of the river
  • Added a brewing stand inside the birch house
  • Added boats to the south of Spawn Site and inside of Lifeless Lake
  • Created new designs for every banner

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