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Wavebreaker strikeforce vehicles

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PlasmaticStatic avatar PlasmaticStatic
Level 46 : Master Soldier
Another set of sci-fi military vehicles, brought to you by corporation Wavebreaker, a fan of high-energy experiments and lightning weapons. Wavebreaker is one of my original 3 main occupants of Planet Rynodii 5 which I focused on in my older projects. I hadn't yet built anything around them (Unlike the other 2 being Topaz Incorporated in The Ion Zone and Reset Engineering in Privateers and Under Siege) and so I thought I would give them some love by building their vehicle set.

The pack includes a tank, personnel vehicle, transport truck and a couple 'mechs.

Schematic and world download are for 1.12.2 (but should be good for versions above this), using the newer MC textures and built on the Builder's refuge server. Beware not to touch or break world edit placements that you can't do in vanilla (e.g. levers on iron bars)
As always, if anything breaks with the schematic/world, be sure to let me know so I can fix things as quick as possible.

Note about my projects - you are free to download them and use them for what you like (singleplayer, servers etc) provided that:
A) Any credit for the build is given to me / you do not try to claim the build as your own
B) It is not monetised or placed behind any kind of paywall / you do not attempt to gain a profit off the build
Progress100% complete

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04/09/2021 2:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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This is sick!
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