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WireCAP 'CYBR-Cicada'

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Level 45 : Master Soldier
This is likely the biggest mech I've built so far, dwarfing even the city-backed Scarab from Privateers, many months ago now. This is the CYBR-Cicada, another build in the world of Venusian Skies and a formidable opponent.

Thanks to SirRogerBob for the amazing render (first pic)

The CYBR-Cicada is one of corporation WireCAP's many unique creations, all recognisable by their white-and-orange coat, but most importantly, their immense size. Few people on Venus know how WireCAP created these feats of engineering, and few people will ever know as the corporation has long been buried in dust. Around 50 years after corporations first set up on Venus, WireCAP (a Venusian-created corporation) was a dominant one, having fought and beaten many larger corporations that had attempted to control the planet. WireCAP was unique in that it never took to the skies - in all of its existence not a single combat plane or battlecraft was ever put into service with WireCAP and the corporation instead gained supremacy over the ground, and used this to assault the air. WireCAP fell however when it took a bite too big to chew - many key corporations banded together to form a resistance to WireCAP, and a Venusian world war began.

In the ensuing chaos, WireCAP developed and produced many mechs under the CYBR project. Led by their tactical AI, Skyline, the CYBR mechs were split into 2 distinct categories:

- Alphas, a series of 4 or more legged arthropod-esc mechs. These were the Cicada, Mantis and Scorpion
- Betas, a series of large bipedal mechs. These were the Harbinger, Reckoner and Celestial

Eventually WireCAP was brought to its knees, its scientists fled to orbit and Skyline shut itself down, in the hope the corporation may one day be revived. Although many underground WireCAP facilities had been raided, and the corpses of CYBR mechs were scattered around the Venusian landscape, it is theorised many still exist, hidden, waiting to be activated. The Bunker which housed Skyline's operating systems and servers has also yet to be found.

Schematic and world download are for 1.12.2 (but should be good for versions above this), using the newer MC textures and built on the Builder's refuge server.
If anything breaks with the schematic/world, be sure to let me know so I can fix things as quick as possible.

Note about my projects - you are free to download them and use them for what you like (singleplayer, servers etc) provided that:
A) Any credit for the build is given to me / you do not try to claim the build as your own
B) It is not monetised or placed behind any kind of paywall / you do not attempt to gain a profit off the build
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01/19/2021 10:10 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Explorer
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01/19/2021 1:20 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
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imagine if cicadas had lAzOrS irl
01/18/2021 10:05 am
Level 41 : Master Soldier
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Amazing work PlasmaticStatic I love it. <3
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