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Wizard Elementower - The Wizard Tower of the Elements

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metalthinker's Avatar metalthinker
Level 9 : Apprentice Artist

This is my first creation: a Wizard Elementower! (Elemental Tower, you know, with elements like water, fire and all that stuff).

I must say that my personal creativity is quite... well, as we say in spanish, "deja mucho que desear", which means that I could ask for much more. Anyway, I hope this creation can be considered an exception to my lack of creativity, exceptions that come between dirt houses and shit castles XD.

So, here comes the description:

Still in progress, but the Elementower will be surrounded by a labyrinth garden (now updated!). The Elementower itself, more completed for now than the garden surroundings, is divided in (very) different floors. Each floor is related to an element, excluding the first, second and third floors.  The first one has 9 beacons to make the beam go up through all the tower, passing through all the floors, and the second floor, has... nothing remarkable, it's just to look at the beam and go up to the third floor XD.

The third floor might be my favorite. It's a modern laboratory with lots of brewing stands, pipes (fences and colored glass depending on the color of potions "being made"), books, a small greenhouse and some specimenes to experiment (special careful with the specimen Nº666, you'll recognize it). 

The next floors until the second to last one are the "elemental floors". All of them let the beam go through thanks to colored glass related to the respective element. Each floor is specifically designed for each element, being the water floor full of water, waterfalls and rain (you'll see the effect), the earth floor is like a dense forest (and there are two friendly companions, one of them in honor of my first cat, Nico). The fire floor is full of lava, fire and a nether portal and populated with blazes (it's all safe, don't worry). The air floor is a little bit special: if the tower is placed at 56 blocks height (air floor at 128 height), the clouds enter and make what I call "windy effect". There are also some "birds" just to show how they "fly" in the "air" (you'll understand and then you'll laugh). The next floor is the floor of light, in which there is a small greek-like temple with the Wisdom Owl, named Athena (very cute, I promise). The floor of darkness has softer lights (tryied to make it fully dark, but creepers kept exploding... :/) and has an end portal and some guardians to keep mobs at bay (in case they still spawn, or in case endermen enter through the portal!). Finally, the last floor has a big library with lots of bookshelves and enchanting tables and very nice views. On the top of the tower there's the roof, of course, which gave me a lot of trouble and headaches until I could finish it properly. 

About the leads:
In the pictures you can see many mobs attached to leads: golems in the dark room or the chick... I mean, the flying birds at the air room. When copying the schematic the leads will dissappear, so you will have to put them back (if you want ofc o.0).

About the Resource packs:
My personal preference, if you really want to have a very cool lab and everything else, is "Smooth Realistic" by DasLisal. I'd recommend using this first option for an overall good look of interiors. If you want to see the tower itself cool from the outside with a more medieval style, I'd recommend Ozocraft (also for the library, which gives a very medieval-wizard-like looks to it). As always, using other resource packs or the minecraft default resource pack might not look as good as it does in the pictures. I'll say which picture has which textures.

About using the project:
You can use it in your own single player worlds, edit it, destroy it or whatever you like, or for your multiplayer server, but please, give me a bit of credit ^^. You don't need my permission, but if you want to use it for your multiplayer server I'd like to know where I can find it, just to know ^^

This is all, for now, until I complete it 100%. I hope you like it.
CreditMy girlfriend, who helped me when I was stuck and who nearly made all the earth floor.
Progress85% complete

2 Update Logs

2) Small world for the tower : by metalthinker 07/23/2014 11:27:08 amJul 23rd, 2014

Added a small world for the tower, now placed at 56 height for the "windy effect". Also uploaded the world and the updated tower.

Added some more details to the tower interior.

Working on a magic school where you can learn to throw fireballs and cast other spells.

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07/17/2014 11:21 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
GoingApple486's Avatar
Awesome! keep up the good work!
07/17/2014 11:55 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Artist
metalthinker's Avatar
Thank you! 

Still have to make a big part of the garden and a few details inside the tower.

I also had two small slime pets called "Slimy" and "Flubber" but they kept disappearing (before having the golem).
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