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World Trade Center City

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Minecraft President J. Chryslar has recently built an amazing city on a 70 square mile island in the middle of the Carribbean. It's main focal point is the World Trade Center complex in the downtown area. It is home to over 18,500 villagers who live peacefully in this "zombie-free" city. WTC City is also known as "the chemical element captial" or the "city of villagers and skyscrapers".

The security systems installed on the entire perimeter of the city consist of state-of-the-art dual lava-fence barrier, to kill any zombie trespassing into the area. This is to protect the citizens, the President of Minecraft, Minecraft Federal Government and Executive builder and, of course- the World Trade Center.

Minecart viaducs and underground metro lines are the only and most reliable transportation in the city and the world. Over 1500 villagers ride these minecart trains every day, along over 4500 miles of viaducted/elevated quartz track.

A minecart railway viaduct has been constructed to link the islands of Puerto Rico and the Galapagos Islands in the pacific to the city.

Shortly after the completion of the World Trade Center towers and complex in December 1973, J. Chryslar was elected by the priest villager as President of Minecraft. An inauguration was held on the WTC plaza the following minecraft day.

Specific chemical element ores (e.g. iron ore, gold ore, platinum ore, chromium, bauxite, etc) are mined at WTC City Chemical Element Mines complex where 1200 villager miners extract over 2000 tons of elemets from the earth every day. The elemets are purified and stored in a secret base's chemical elements vault outside WTC city.


(Note: WTC city itself is complete, though it's currently and continously being expanded. Stay tuned for futute updates.)
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