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Xexon Venu IF10a-class fighter

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Programs used:
Minecraft (for building)
Mcedit (for building)
Blender (for renders)
Paint.net (for pictures)

Technical Specifications
Xexon Venu IF10a-class fighter Minecraft Map

Xexon Venu IF10a-class fighter Minecraft Map

Xexon Venu IF10a-class fighter Minecraft Map

The Xexon Venu IF10a was an advanced multi-seat heavy strike craft designed by Zenlian Drives and Syvatii Unlimited for the GACIAF administration. Development of the Venu IF10a-class began was initially planned to begin in 48,752 ACT after the contract details had been finalized, but conflict and infrastructure damage from the Cesya and Tipalee Shadow Fleet attacks temporarily closed multiple FTL lanes in the core sectors, including the Cort Spike and Destii Pathway, which manufacturers including Zenlian Drives used to transport material from mining sectors. GACIAF delayed the development timeline to give the company time to establish updated logistics plans and supply lines, as well as starting to take down or modify existing production lines for the Venu IF6-class. The contract was made as part of GACIAF's AFEMI initiative and some of the design team was taken from other projects, such as the ASTSI advanced tactical strike craft program which produced the Caon-class.

The Venu IF10a-class was originally classified as the IF10, but during development it was decided by Syvatii Unlimited to create multiple configurations optimized for different operations. The IF10a-class became the standard model, intended for both combat against strike craft and capital ships. Like the Venu IF6-class, the IF10a was equipped with a range of weapon systems including two anti-fighter laser turrets from Syvatii Unlimited, the DLB Ethsha 744. These had almost thirty times the yield per shot compared to the IF6-class' 502-models, and could cycle quicker as well. The IF10a had two standard laser cannons and four heavy laser cannons, while the IF6 had four standard and two heavy. Additionally, the larger structure of the IF10a - two meters longer and with a thicker main body than the IF6 - allowed the strike craft to carry twice as many anti-ship torpedoes, the current SIU T2056/1 type, and almost three times as many missiles, the GAEDS I220/ii type, an alternate ordnance designed by Syvatii Unlimited for heavy strike craft and support craft which had the necessary space. The craft had an optimal crew of four to manage its systems; one pilot, one gunner who managed the defensive turrets and other combat systems, and two crew in an internal compartment who monitored ECM systems, sensors, communications, and other support functions. Altogether, the IF10a-class was able to eliminate anything smaller than a light frigate available to TAUFOG nations, and in squadrons supported by other Xexon interceptors or support craft could act as a substitute for a small patrol group.

The Venu IF10a-class was manufactured primarily for the GACIAF navy, which would use the craft for reconnaissance and to patrol areas away from GACIAF facilities or which had been cut off from TAUFOG by Shadow Fleet attacks. The mobility of the IF10a, with four secondary IPA-n4 model ion thrusters in addition to the two primary ion thrusters, gave the ship a sublight acceleration of 33,600 g's, well in excess of any TAUFOG spaceship manufactured or in development at the time. The IF10a also had a rating 4.1.35 primary FTL drive and a rating 4.1.32 tactical drive, the former of which could make 40 million c sustained. This, combined with 10 cubic meters of storage space and the needed facilities for prolonged operation away from bases or logistical support, made the IF10a capable of staying active for 260 days without resupply, and only needed to fuel after two years. Given the IF10a's scale, GACIAF would primarily keep ships on stations and surface bases from which squadrons could be dispatched on missions and support naval units.

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