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Level 41 : Master Button Pusher

This is a singleplayer(multiplayer coming in the future) survival based adventure map(similar to CoD Zombies but with our own twists!). In this world you are in the middle of an apocalypse. The objective of the map is to earn the most points possible and survive the longest. You can earn points by kill mobs(zombies, zombie pigmen, skeletons etc.), killing bosses and by meeting certain time thresholds. When you(and all your teammates) die, the game will end. There are no respawns or revives in this map. Once you finish, you can hit the "Play again!" button in the starting room instead of having to redownload the map. Each run can takes about 2-30 minutes depending on how good you are. The better you are, the longer you'll last.


*This map is currently only playable for singleplayer but will be multiplayer compatible in the future.
*This is a 1.8.8 map. Do not play in any other version!
*You must have your render chunks set at 2. This adds an extra bit of challenge as well as adds to the apocalyptic feel of the map.

Currently this map has one gamemode option. There will be more in the future!


In this gamemode you start with a limited amount of items. It is necesary to find more items in order to have success in this gamemode. You can do this by crafting gold ingots from Coins. All mobs in this gamemode drop Coins. Use these to increase your strength. As you become stronger, the game won't get easier. A wave of zombies, skeletons and zombie pigmen come at you from all sides each round as well as a boss every 5 rounds(starting at Round 10).

Mystery Boxes and Rooms

In survival mode there are a few mystery boxes spread around each map. You can open one a cost of 9 gold ingots. For each use, you are guaranteed one item of 3 different rarities; common, rare and legendary! Additionally you can also use gold ingots in survival mode to buy keys that unlock rooms. These rooms have chests that contain things such as food, weapons, armor and other useful items.


There are 7 different kits available to play. These kits are Scout, Knight, Archer, Chemist, Brute, Assassin and Pyro. All of the kits are available in every gamemode. There is more information on each of the kits in the map.

Currently there is 1 map in Zombie Apocalypse. There is more to come in the future!

Stoneplex City

You are trapped in the middle of a city during the Apocalypse! Fight off endless hoards of Zombies and Skeletons in this urban wasteland. Use their drops to unlock apartment buildings and stores where you will find items that will boost your strength and survivalbility.

There are 5 bosses in this map. For every boss you kill, you earn 150 points. Here is a list of all of the bosses:

Hell's Devil

This little beast escaped from the nether into the overworld in the middle of the apocalypse. Armored with gold, this baby pig zombie is angry and can not stop its tantrum.

Zombie Horse

A former farmer and his horse have fallen in the apocalypse. Their minds are now poisoned to kill anything in sight that isn't undead. Take out this boss by killing both the horse and the rider.

Zombie King

The baddest and meanest of them all...The Zombie King! This is one tanky zombie with full diamond armor. Be sure to kill it quickly as it summons a zombie every few seconds.

Dark Pumpkin

Bored of his duties as a nether fortress guard, this wither skeleton escaped to the overworld, put a pumpkin on its head and now fights along side the undead in the apocalypse.


Returning from the dead without a body form, this spirit vows to take the life of anyone that disturbs his peaceful rest. The Ghost uses its invisibility and fast movement to take out those that do him wrong.


Record yourself playing this map and you can get yourself in the leaderboard hall! After you record the map, send the link in the comment section on PMC then your MC head and username will appear in the leaderboard hall in the next update! No screenshots are allowed for the reason of preventing cheating.

For Youtubers

If you are a youtuber, please record yourself playing this map. Post the link to the video in the PMC comment section for this map and your MC head and username will be on the Wall of Youtubers. You can of course get on the Wall of Youtubers as well as the Leaderboards with only one video!

Finally, please be sure to diamond and/or favorite of you enjoyed the map as well as check out our other maps. Comments are most useful because it lets me know what the players like, what needs to be changed, etc.

Enjoy the map!
Creditnone. I did this all by myself.
Progress100% complete

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06/27/2019 10:47 am
Level 38 : Artisan Fox
Phanticyde avatar
I gotta try this soon. i'll be back!
07/06/2019 12:10 am
Level 41 : Master Button Pusher
ClashAssassin avatar
sweet. i promise it's good
06/21/2019 7:53 pm
Level 21 : Expert Artist
BrunitoYumbito avatar
Is very nice
07/06/2019 12:09 am
Level 41 : Master Button Pusher
ClashAssassin avatar
06/21/2019 5:44 am
Level 25 : Expert Miner
Nppj avatar
hmm this map is good
06/21/2019 5:59 pm
Level 41 : Master Button Pusher
ClashAssassin avatar
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