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0.MINR.ORG - The Premier Parkour, Puzzle and Maze Server (Since 2010!)

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Level 41 : Master Architect
0.MINR.ORG - The Premier Parkour, Puzzle and Maze Server (Since 2010!)
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Game VersionMinecraft Java
? Zero: Parkour, Mazes, Puzzles, & More! Est. 2010
? Newest: The Lighthouse (Adventure, Novice)
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Server IP: zero.minr.org

Version: 1.19



Rules/FAQ Page:

Welcome to one of the oldest servers in Minecraft. We pride ourselves on being the oldest challenge server in Minecraft, and the oldest donation-free server. Our map and community is over 11 years old with our creation date being the 22nd of October 2010.

We specialize in challenges such as parkours, mazes, puzzles, adventure maps and hybrid challenges consisting of multiple challenge types. All 500+ of our courses are hand built, community reviewed and curated, and rigorously tested by the green community. Green members are a part of our community that have earned build rights on the original survival map (as well as our creative realm) by earning 100 points and completing our Hardcore System, consisting of 16 difficult courses with few checkpoints in-between. All of our courses have a starting checkpoint and some of the harder courses have checkpoints in the middle.

MINR is a public server. We have no white list and you are free to join and play any time. We are against pay-to-play & pay-to-win features. All players are equal and receive immediate access to the full catalog of public maps upon entry.

If a player is confused or doesn't know where to start, they're free to ask their question in chat and a green+ member will answer.

Our ranks are as follows:
  • White - White name. Default rank. Access to FFA (maps, puzzles, parkour), Challenges, and FFA+ (best maps).
  • Blue - Blue name. Access to all default perks, but also has access to the Hardcore System.
  • Greenie - Green name. Has build rights and access to all worlds, can create their own challenges in creative
  • Moderator - Dark green name. Has rights to ban, mute and kick.
  • Orange - Server Administrator.

These are some of the more recent videos. Videos by Chillers, minty1111, Zatharel & pieceofcheese.

Speedrun Videos


1 Update Logs

11.0 - "Events" & Social Updates : by MINR-ORG 02/19/2021 8:41:11 amFeb 19th, 2021

Massive plugin update, added:
- Parties
- /challenge suspend
- /chat hide
- Completely new timer system
- Reworked some commands
- Misc MinrScript updates

Read the full changelog: https://forums.minr.org/threads/11-0-events-social-updates.5092/

Projects posted by members on this server

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07/06/2023 12:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
viz_wel avatar
im using optifine but its still getting flagged saying i have unsupported mods or whatever. i literally only have optifine installed and a couple of shaders, but even with no shaders enabled im not getting let in :( is there something im missing?
01/13/2023 9:31 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Entity_Of_Nightmares avatar
Is this also on Bedrock?
01/14/2023 7:27 am
Level 41 : Master Architect
MINR-ORG avatar
we are currently only running the latest Java Edition
03/31/2022 10:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3953188G avatar
i wasnt able to join since i have fabric and use sodium, sodium axtras(it makes sodium more like optifine), iris shaders, essential(a mod that adds cosemetics that players with the mod can see and use) and some library mods that allow my mods that i use to actually work, and when i tried to join it didnt let me and said only optifine was allowed. I really dont understand why this is a thing since sodium is better than optifine, giving WAY better fps than it, and what could be done instead is just having something on the server that checks if any of the mods a user is using has anything in it that could be used for exploiting. i hope you guys can change that so that i can actualy play on the server, since optifine requires jre to download and my computer is glitched or something and cant install jre anymore and just has an error, and i like it when i can have good fps. (also im sorry if i sounded a little bitchy in this comment i was stressed when i started writing this, then forgot about it for an hour or so, then finished it just now).
09/14/2021 9:17 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
MinecraftIndex avatar
The parkour looks fantastic! Great work.
09/14/2021 12:04 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
MINR-ORG avatar
Thank you!
06/14/2021 8:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ThemangoCat avatar
bruh this server threatened to ban me bc i was using lunar client lmao
06/15/2021 6:30 amhistory
Level 41 : Master Architect
MINR-ORG avatar
No one threatened to ban you, you were just unable to join the game.

We don't allow most third party clients due to risk of exploits/cheating. Some are allowed based on case-by-case judgement. If there's a client you think should be allowed, you're always welcome to suggest it on our forums.

06/09/2021 12:08 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Vampire
SouthDakotaGirl avatar
This server looks really cool! Is it only available in Germany?
06/09/2021 12:09 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
MINR-ORG avatar
no, that just refers to where it's being hosted, you can join from anywhere in the world :)
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