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Ji_Rath's Avatar Ji_Rath
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Status Online! Pinged: 05/29/24
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java
          BendingMC - [ 1.20+ Towny ]
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Inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and servers alike,

BendingMC can be considered another bending server. However, there is more that meets the eye,

  • Choose one of the four elements to follow. Earth, Fire, Water, or Air. However, Chi is also an option for the quick, feeble players.
  • Survive and Thrive in the PVP/Raiding/Factions world. Use bending to your advantage and conquere the most land!
  • Challenge a player to the dueling arena. Two players in each dueling arena, but only one winner.
  • Verse players in the public arena! Anyone can join in, but few can survive the chaos.
Find out what else BendingMC can offer by logging in!

Visit our website at: BendingMC.net
Join our server at: play.BendingMC.net

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New Images : by Ji_Rath 04/01/2017 3:02:46 pmApr 1st, 2017

New images have been added to better represent the server.

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12/10/2019 11:40 am
Level 1 : New Network
Liyf4TakingLs's Avatar
BendingMC - Battle with your friends & enemies!

BendingMC is a bending factions server. Choose between the four elements. Earth , Fire , Water or Air. Hovewer Chi is also an option!

BendingMC is back! With new updates & features being added every day!

Features :
  • Arenas! Bend Against other players!
  • Plots! Build in create before you build in our factions world
  • Factions! Raid other bases!

Version : 1.14.4

Visit our website at: BendingMC.net
Join our server at: play.BendingMC.net

Discord : https://discord.gg/MQ7Vp3D
12/10/2018 4:28 pm
Level 1 : New Network
Jak222pro's Avatar
For the most part server is actually fun and great comunity is awesome but if you are looking for a standard factions server i wouldnt recomend this as you can raid but thats about it(chorus fruit). The staff are also ok.
But all in all if ur looking for a fun avatar server this is it :P
10/22/2018 10:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Ahrceon's Avatar
Very Cool Kanye Server So Far! Finally, an English speaking server that is cracked and has the project Korra plugins. Along with other cool additions as well. I would love to have more active members that are also friendly, this is why I will start voting for this server for at least a month or 2. Also, may I please have the link for your discord server please and thanks <3

- Ahrceon
11/08/2018 12:48 pm
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Ji_Rath's Avatar

Thank you for the review, you can join our discord by using the link below:

03/05/2018 10:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
pickachu528's Avatar
Please don't play on this server. Community is quite cancerous. "Helpers" don't do much of anything. Rue21 is especially the WORST "Helper" on the server. He just spams spirit beams and he will ban you if you're able to do anything. Shout-out to MasterK123 and Noni16. They seem like cool people. Unlike extremely triggered 100% of the time Rue. This server has ruined my mood to play minecraft and I will more than likely put it on the shelf for another year. THANKS GUYS!!
08/21/2018 8:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
rue21's Avatar
Well I'm sorry you feel this way. If I recall correctly I banned you for hacks, don't quote me on that though. I appreciate the review but next time change WORST  to BEST. The last time I checked I did my job and I did it quite well. Thank you for your time


04/11/2018 7:52 pm
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Ji_Rath's Avatar
I apologize if you feel this way. However, if you feel one of our staff members are abusing their powers, you should post a complaint on discord or minecraft so we can take a better look. The planetminecraft page is not checked very often so your message was not viewed until recently.

Thank you for trying out BendingMC!
10/31/2017 12:40 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
shebangs's Avatar
Hey, can I ask something? How did you make your server?
04/08/2015 11:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Cloudems's Avatar
Hey i was just on the server and i would love to make a preview/trailer video for the server. It might get some new people on the server. :)
04/09/2015 11:56 am
Level 22 : Expert Engineer
Ji_Rath's Avatar
You are free to advertise this server. If your video gets popular, I can even give you some goods for the help. :)
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