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[1.9 - Latest] ~~ MetaUnion ~~ [Friendly Community, No Pay2Win, RPG Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Builders, Minigames]

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Folas1337's Avatar Folas1337
Level 30 : Artisan Miner
[1.9 - Latest] ~~ MetaUnion ~~ [Friendly Community, No Pay2Win, RPG Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Builders, Minigames]
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United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft Java
        ~ MetaUnion Network ~ [1.9 - Latest]
    (PvP) RPG Survival, SkyBlock, Creative + MORE
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You've stumbled across a gem of Minecraft networks, its community is probably one of the most friendly and helpful ones you'll ever find, it's open-minded and mature (though silly sometimes but that's part of being mature).
The server is anti pay to win, meaning all you get from donating is a rank that shows in game and nothing else. Donations are only made to support the work put into the server, not to get advantages over others in any way!

We offer the following servers:
- Survival
- Creative
- Skyblock
- Minigames
- Builders (for everyone's inspiration and people who have proven to us that they are talented builders)

If you want to learn more about each server, read on, otherwise just join ;)

Survival: All about being as close to vanilla as possible while still adding features to protect what you built as well as some game enhancing features. No teleportation, a world that will never get reset, you may build anywhere, economy and trading, personal difficulty and even optional PvP!

Creative: You can build within plots but without WorldEdit for security reasons but once you gained our trust you'll be granted access. You can edit armor stands to your liking and have access to thousands of custom heads.

Builders: A builder's wet creative dream. You'll have to apply for this with a pretty and unique build you've built on the creative server! Builders have personal worlds, public worlds, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, goBrush, goPaint, can modify armor stands, have access to thousands of custom heads, can change biome colors and basically as much freedom as one could ask on a server.

Skyblock: Your usual, grindy, optionally coop skyblock with a shop, respawning ender dragons, mob stacking and so much more to discover!

Minigames: Mostly consisting of parkour that's been built in creative but also a randomly generating one, a soccer minigame, volleyball and even gambling with money if you're into that.

Any further information you'll be able to find on our website: https://www.meta-union.com

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Now ACTUALLY supporting 1.9 - 1.20.2 : by Folas1337 09/22/2023 4:31:36 amSep 22nd, 2023

I just recently realized that you couldn't join with clients lower than 1.13. While the backend servers would have allowed it, the proxy software velocity did not.
That's now been fixed and you can actually join with clients versions 1.9 through 1.20.2 :D

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01/12/2022 5:18 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Artist
angelkiwi's Avatar
The server seems pretty cool, but I'm getting a security error when trying to access your website.
02/11/2023 8:29 am
Level 30 : Artisan Miner
Folas1337's Avatar
Sorry, I pretty much never check these comments. I hope that's not the case anymore. I haven't heard anyone complain about it on Discord so I'll assume it's fine :)
Thanks for your comment though :)
04/21/2021 6:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CaptainCrafty's Avatar
This is among the best servers I've played on, great staff and community with minigames and several servers to offer, love this place
06/16/2020 9:05 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
ZickeLena's Avatar
this is one of the best Server i have ever played on Minecraft. there is a noice Community and a wonderfull team that help each other. I like the builder, support Team and the Admins :D. when somebody needs help, they get helped from other players. you can get here many experience with Pve and also PvP. there are a lot of minigames and Events. i can really rate to play here.
06/10/2020 2:00 pm
Level 20 : Expert Miner
klauziemon's Avatar
I just love playing on this server, everyone is so nice and you can play for hours and hours and hours Big love for it.
06/02/2020 11:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RammerPlayzGamez's Avatar
This Server has Very friendly staff and players. If you are looking for a nice PvE experience with some PvP (If you want it) this is the server for you! Meta Union includes some fun and unique mini games and are explained really well and has a well balanced economy.
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