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Minecraft Beta Sky (Floating Island) Server

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Low-power avatar Low-power
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Status Online! Pinged: 10/01/22
Game VersionMinecraft Java ping-only
A Minecraft legacy ping server for beta servers that lacking ping support (PMC032090759768e761cead7f705fd700ba)
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A modified Minecraft Beta server with sky (floating island) world.
Server version is Beta 1.6.6.
Accepting client protocol versions 12, 13 and 14; this means you can join with any client with version b1.6.* or b1.7.*.
The server status and players can't be displayed correctly due to Planet Minecraft currently doesn't support pinging beta server versions before b1.8.
The alternative address has been removed due to security concern from address owner.
Chat is bridged to ssh://beijing.rivoreo.one:6666/, which is turn bridged to ssh://chat.shazow.net/.
On-line map is available at https://beijing.rivoreo.one:2037/b/, which is powered by a custom made tiles server, and a customized version of TMCMR.

2 Update Logs

On-line map is now available : by Low-power 05/16/2020 9:54:38 pmMay 16th, 2020

During this week I modified the latest version of TOGoS's Minecraft Map Renderer (date 2017-09-07, commit fafb79c) to support the old region and chunk format that used in Minecraft Beta 1.3 until Minecraft 1.2.1, in addition to Anvil format that originally supported by TMCMR; this fork is available at https://github.com/Low-power/TMCMR/tree/rivoreo-fork.
I also wrote a FastCGI-based tiles server to automaticly render and serve the map tiles; its source code is available under X11 license, at https://gist.github.com/Low-power/523f0900ee13fda91014daf908b64eb1/.
The HTML map viewer is Leaflet 1.6 with a silently modified Leaflet.Coordinates plugin; the modifications are made to support the simple CRS used by Minecraft maps, rather than earth maps.
The final result is the on-line map at https://beijing.rivoreo.one:2037/b/.
The server software and client-side JS codes are 100% free software; feel free to reuse any of those works according to the associated license terms.

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