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ObiWorld. New minigames! 1.20.4+

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ObiWorld.  New minigames!  1.20.4+
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Game VersionMinecraft Java
Survival Custom_Enchants MiniGames
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Family-friendly SMP server with active staff! Java and Bedrock. Version 1.20.4!
Grief prevention, minigames, ranks, jobs, economy, and custom plugins. Something for everyone--beginners to expert!

Our server is modest in size; we have about 1200 total players and 60 regular players. You can get to know everyone on ObiWorld!

We have bedwars, duels, soccer, quests, paintball, parkour, mazes, spleef, jobs, chess, tntrun, hide & seek, freezetag, lasertag, and a custom pvp arena with boss battles and NPC fights.

Want a unique experience not found on any other SMP?? We have custom-scripted magic wands, potions, and weapons found only on ObiWorld! Need help figuring out what to do?? Our players and staff are very helpful! Need in-game money for the auction house...get a job in one of our 11 professions. There are so many things to do on ObiWorld!

No computer? Don't worry, we have Bedrock and Java crossplay. You can play on your mobile device!

Java IP: play.obiworldmc.com
Bedrock IP: play.obiworldmc.com Port: 26074
Check out our website at www.obiworldmc.com
Email us at obiworldmc@gmail.com

Note to parents: This is a great server for your kids. I made it so my own kids would have a place to enjoy minecraft multiplayer. I am on the server daily and I keep up with the chat when I'm not in game. In fact, all of our staff are able to watch the chat remotely and take action if needed. Most of our players are between 8 and 16 years old, while most of our staff are older teens or twenties, and even two 40+ year olds!

Additionally, I can tag your child's account to only be playable on Obiworld if staff are online. Shoot us an email at obiworldmc@gmail.com and let us know you want your child tagged for supervision. If your child joins and no staff are online, he/she will be kicked from the server within a few seconds.

Furthermore, I never ask for money; the server is NOT configured to accept donations. We don't accept money on our minecraft server, discord server, or website.

Finally, we have a communication professional who helps players and staff encourage a positive climate. You won't find another server like ObiWorld anywhere!


12 Update Logs

Update #12 LaserTag! : by Chaps79 05/05/2024 3:10:01 pmMay 5th

Added the LaserTag minigame, written by us! You won't find anything like it anywhere else.

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09/05/2023 2:16 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
SouthIvy4690986's Avatar
Wow this is an awesome server, its pretty cool that you made this server kid friendly.
01/16/2023 6:03 am
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01/16/2023 1:16 pm
Level 43 : Master Professor
Chaps79's Avatar
hi nicnic. trolling as always.
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