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PhoenixRisen Survival

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avatar KrazyKyle11
Level 6 : Apprentice Artist
PhoenixRisen Survival
Status Online! Pinged: 10/16/19
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8.1
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PhoenixRisen Forums<-- This is where our community discusses things online.
Facebook Page <--You can even like us on facebook!
Teamspeak: ts.phoenixrisen.net:7117
Game Play: Survival,Hard,PVP,PVE,Towns,Lots of fun plugins

Basic Rules:

  • This is a PG13+ Community. The reccomended age is 13 or over.
  • PVP is ON, so don't throw a fit if you get killed. (If you are being camped, report it though)
  • No griefing of any kind."If you didn't make it, don't break it."
  • No cheating- we play 100% legitamate survival!
  • Respect others.
  • Do not be offensive or purposefully rude. Racially, religiously, or sexually offensive material will never be tolerated.
  • Always be polite to members and staff.
  • Do not use offensive or derogatory nicknames or usernames (you may be asked to leave or login with a different account depending on the degree of offensiveness of your IGN).
  • Do not spam chat with advertisements, troll text pics, gibberish, or anything else that could be considered spam or annoying in general.
  • Please do not advertise other servers. This will result in a permanent ban.
  • If you have questions, just ask!


Server: ~200 slot dedicated server
Plugins: Worldguard,Essentials,Mobhunt,CraftBukkit,Craftbook,LWC,mcMMO,DisguiseCraft,Pets,Citizens, and many more!
Owner/Admin: Cass
Other Staff: Darrington, Masterw3, Energester, hk47113513, KiadajTheBeast, Sairivon, DracoVitae, Draklen, Kalanbel, Wonderbread18

Bio of the Server:Phoenix offers possibly one of the best survival experiences! We have lots of fun plugins/features for players to explore, a great community, and staff that is fun, friendly, and mature. Explore the world, enjoy our awesome plugin features, make new friends, join towns, and play! Your imagination is your only limit! We have personal claims to ensure you can keep your house/creations safe.
We are semi-whitelisted. That means anyone who isn't banned can connect to the server, but if you wish to have member, you must register on our forums (link at top of page) and wait for admin approval. This is further protection to ensure the member population of our community are legitimate and improves the quality of our server.

Additional Notes

Phoenix offers possibly one of the best survival experiences! We have lots of fun plugins/features for players to explore, a great community, and staff that is fun, friendly, and mature. :)

6 Update Logs

PhoenixRisen 1.8 Update: Complete! : 01/11/2015 3:36:02 pmJan 11th, 2015

Good News, Everyone!


||| We're now updated to 1.8! |||

Some things to note:

Chunk claims have RESET in the main world. There will be a Raiding ban until Feb 1. At that point, any unclaimed structures may be raided legally.

Do not break into ANY structures. Do NOT take from any chests in ANY buildings unless they are your chests or you have permission from the owner. Disputes will favor the owner until Feb. 1, at which point normal rules will come back.

The Fire block has apparently been removed from game in 1.8. We will be switching back to Sponge for credit items. Refunds WILL happen and will be based on an honor system. Anyone found obviously lying about fire amounts will be punished accordingly. 

Logs have been reset! It's non-avoidable, as the plugin we were using before was discontinued! To check logs now, it is /co i.

Claiming and checking chunks is now /chunk or /chunkown, since /co is for logs.

MyPets are not currently functional, but I hope to have them readded and working soon!

All Town data is safe. Check to make sure though!

Homes and money should all be fine!

If there are any issues, please report them on the forums in the Issues Section!

Disposal has been reset! Please remove any homes you had set and have fun! :)

Welcome back to PhoenixRisen! 

Login IP: mc.phoenixrisen.net

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