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[1.18] Shilocraft | Since 2012 | No Whitelist

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[1.18] Shilocraft | Since 2012 | No Whitelist
Status Online! Pinged: 05/21/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.18.2
Shilocraft Survival - 1.18
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Welcome to Shilocraft Semi-Vanilla Survival

Shilocraft is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server, we focus on keeping the game simple to it's core, while adding needed security features to protect our player's builds, and efforts. We use minimal plugins, to preserve the essential minecraft "feel". We have added a few pluigins over the years to keep things interesting. Mostly related to our economy features. We also operate on a powerful dedicated server, in order to provide the highest amount of stability for our players to enjoy. We currently do not use a whitelist.

Our IP Address is: play.shilocraft.com

Our website is: http://shilocraft.com

Discord: http://shilocraft.com/discord

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Update #8 : by Shilofax 01/05/2022 7:15:39 pmJan 5th

Added discord server chat relay.

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09/10/2021 10:08 amhistory
Level 19 : Journeyman Explorer
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We've updated to the full caves and cliffs "part 2" version!

Spawn is a beautiful town of old-looking houses, seas ports, an clock towers. We also have some minor plugins such as economy, elevator, and EssentialsX commands, including commands like /condense and /sethome. This is one of the best communities I've ever had the honor of being a part of- we have some light roleplay, can mostly build as big or small as we want, and the staff are very friendly and aim to engage with the player base as much as possible when online. Also hoping to see the return of
pvp that can be toggled individually in the future.

I've been on for years, and found it to often be people sharing each others' builds, working and building together, and growing closer together as a community, rather then a place where people build a house and then log off and never return. There are also fun ranks, which are not nessassary to get rich or make great builds, but can add extra play options to the game. We also have a lot of fun and memes n' dreamz on discord, so come check it out!!
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