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avatar theonlybrud101
Level 6 : Apprentice Network
Status Offline Pinged: 05/21/15
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.8
Connect With
A newer server built by teenagers for a lovely survival experience. In this server you will spawn in a spawn point within a town and from there on, you can build where ever your heart wants. Do /warp build to find a nice area to first build. Or you can live near the op town where the big houses are, Beside a hugggeee castle, or off in the distance. Kelseyp is the server owner, and brud101 is co owner. Swordcalgary and Lovejewel are the ops and we need NO MORE. So once your on please do not ask to be staff. As of Friday May 2,2014 we now offer CREATIVE MODE, TWO OTHER WORLDS TO EXPLORE IN SURVIVAL AS WELL AS A PARKORE COURSE !! . Simply type /warp creativespawn or type /warp worldslist to get to the portal room to all the words. It saves your inventory for when your in survival, but to get back to survical simply type /spawn. The plugins our sever currently has are as the following lists reads. 
- Lockette
- ClearLag
- Mailbox
- Citygates
- Essentials
- EssentailsSpawn
- Chestshop
- WorldEdit
- BlockOwn
- CreativeWorld
- Parkour

As our server grows we will add new wonderful things, as well as new creations being built every single day ! So check back for new stuff like that. Pvp is infact enabled on our server  and were still in the prosess of building it to the best of its abbilities. Another great feature is our store that is now up and running. There is the main store in the Op town and the horse store near swordcalgarys castle right near spawn. Another great addition to our sever is creepers do not do any damage once they blow up, so you dont have to worry about them distorying your lovely house. Once you first go on our server and log on do /kit to get a few items for your start up. And once you do have your house do not forget to [Private] your signs and doors. Make sure you read the rules when you log in, and have a wonderful gaming experience. One last thing. Please do not ask my staff for items. Find them in the store. If they are not in the store please mine the items yourself. Thankyou (:

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 07/18/2014 12:29:25 amJul 18th, 2014

we now have a webpage please vist it for all info kelseypearce.wix.com/survivalcraftmc

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Come join our server and participate in both survival and creative !!

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