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Join a Java Edition Minecraft server that fits your gameplay. Community members host Java Edition servers for PvP, SMP, Creative, mini-games and more.

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Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

Minecraft servers allow players to play together instead of alone. Finding a server can be a challenge with the potential reward of collaborative builds, PvP areas, creative challenges and friends. There are different servers in many countries that rise and fall with players that come and go. Some are active for many years, building sprawling cities, backstories and lasting relationships. As long as you're having fun, enjoy your time on the server!

Finding the right Minecraft server for you

Whether you're looking to gather and trade resources in survival, create a role-playing persona or jump into action packed mini-games, there are servers out there for you. We recommend filtering by the nearest country. The closer you physically are to the server, the less lag you're going to have in the game. After that, you can narrow by category or search for keywords that match what you're looking for in a multiplayer experience. Depending on your gaming preference you may prioritize an older established server or perhaps you want to help start a brand new world with an ambitious server owner. Ultimately, you won't know if the server is right until you join.

Java Edition Minecraft Servers

You are currently browsing servers that primarily accept Java Edition Minecraft clients. This is the original version of Minecraft and remains the most customizable server experience. Utilizing the power of extensive server plugins Java Edition servers can be wildly different from vanilla Minecraft or one other. Some servers hire custom plugin developers specifically to create a unique experience for it's players. The modding community is talented and running a successful Minecraft server requires planning, technical ability, budget and of course active players.

Reasons to join a Minecraft Server:

There are many reasons why a player might join a Minecraft server:

  • Multiplayer gameplay: Minecraft servers allow players to interact with other players in a shared game world, which can be more fun and engaging than playing alone.
  • Customized gameplay: Many Minecraft servers offer unique experiences and features that are not available in the vanilla game. This can include custom game modes, maps, and other content.
  • Socialization: Minecraft servers can be a great way to make new friends and connect with other players who have similar interests.
  • Competition: Some Minecraft servers offer competitive gameplay, such as tournaments or leaderboards, which can be a fun way to test your skills against other players.
  • Community: Many Minecraft servers have a strong sense of community, with forums, chats, and other social features that allow players to connect and communicate with each other.

Overall, joining a Minecraft server can provide a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Minecraft Servers FAQ

What is a Minecraft server?
A Minecraft server is a remote computer or network of computers that allows multiple Minecraft players to connect and play together in a shared world.
How do I join a Minecraft server?
To join a Minecraft server, you need to have the server's IP address or domain name, then open Minecraft and click on the "Multiplayer" option. From there, click "Add Server" and enter the server details to join.
Can I create my own Minecraft server?
Yes, you can create your own Minecraft server by either hosting it on your own computer or renting a server from a hosting provider. There are various tutorials and hosting services available to help you set up your own server.
Are Minecraft servers free?
Most Minecraft servers are free to join and play on. Some servers offer cosmetic benefits or advantages for a monthly or one-time fee.
How many players can join a Minecraft server?
The number of players that can join a Minecraft server depends on the server's settings and hardware capabilities. Some servers can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of players, while others have limitations on the maximum player count.
What are the different types of Minecraft servers?
There are several types of Minecraft servers, including survival servers, creative servers, minigame servers, faction servers, and roleplaying servers. Each type offers a different gameplay experience and ruleset.
How do I protect my Minecraft server from hackers and griefers?
To protect your Minecraft server, it is recommended to use security measures like using proxies, anti-griefing plugins, installing a firewall, regularly updating server software, and only granting trusted individuals administrative privileges.
Can I transfer my Minecraft world to a different server?
Yes, it is possible to transfer your Minecraft world to a different server. You can download your existing world files from the current server and upload them to the new server. However, keep in mind that some servers may have different configurations or mods which could affect the gameplay.
What are some popular Minecraft server plugins?
Some popular Minecraft server plugins include EssentialsX, WorldGuard, Vault, mcMMO, and Towny. These plugins add various functionalities to the server, such as economy systems, land protection, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and more.
How do I find and join popular Minecraft servers?
You can find and join popular Minecraft servers by browsing our Minecraft server list. Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from other Minecraft players or join Minecraft community groups to discover new servers.