"being second is far simpler..." // Helium Minecraft Skin

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"being second is far simpler..." // Helium

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AsFlatAsEarth avatar AsFlatAsEarth
Level 41 : Master uwu
I didn't know what exacty to do for this one, so I just picked an element and interpreted certain parts of it to make a character

Here are some things I kinda did to make it represent Helium
  • I meant to make the palette cool because it's a cold gas
  • The whole "hehe helium funny voice" gave me a childish feeling, when you'd inhale it from balloons (not the safest thing to do however) so I made the character wear overalls and tried to give her childish vibes
  • because it was the second lightest element, and, well, a gas, I decided to give it a floaty vibe- so a kind of "tired and chill" feel
  • there's probably more things I thought but like. I have no memory
I'm almost done a drawing for this but I'm not currently, so I'll add it later

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