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    Hi there!
    Resident Flat-Earther here!
    Call me Flat, I like to make skins
    Granted all the skins I make are just ocs and vocaloid stuff
    Genderfluid, She/Her He/Him, Minor, Simp
    O Canada or something I need to fill this
    Requests : Closed,
    May open Commissions however I don't currently have a way to accept money.
    you can suggest skins from fandoms if you'd like, if I like the character I may make it.
    Contests : Always need the Inspiration

    Certified Nemesimp

    Pew Pew,, I'm in lov.
    If you don't love her then okay but >:( she isn't as bad as venomania.

    simp for Nemesis 2020
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    I want this to look fancy but I am only willing to have Nemesis photos.
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    Sub Goals:






    Level Goals

    Level 5

    Level 10
    Level 20

    Level 30

    Level 40

    Level 50

    Level 60

    Other Goals:

    - Finish EC skins EC Collection

    - Get finalist in a PMC contest
    - Get top 5 in a PMC contest
    -Get top 3 in a PMC contest

    Fandoms & likes 'n stuff
    Nemesis Sudou

    Danganronpa, MHA, Vocaloid, Evillious Chronicles,

    Probably more!

    This is my favourite colour

    Totally a support badge

    not just art with dumb text I made as a joke

    don't put this in your profile it's too big, I'm too stubborn to make it small, and I'm not worth it anyway

    I also do not have any aesthetic images so you get more Nemesis!

    None of these Nemesis images belong to me,
    I assume most of them are made by Ichika, aside from maybe the PFP.

    though, of course there have been many artists working on evillious over the times.

    so check out Evillious Chronicles, Mothy, and Ichika!

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  • Evillious Chronicles skins!!

    "The research of the two, might create a new mankind someday." // Levia Barisol // Evillious Chronicles
    "A woman who resembled himself, extended a hand" Behemo Barisol // Evillious Chronicles
    "Goodness, what a blunder..." // Seth Twiright // Evillious Chronicles
    "Listen, our children are already not in this world. Return these children to their true mother's side."" // Adam Moonlit // Original Sin Story (Evillious)
    "why was I selected? I don't understand." // Eve Zvezda // Original Sin Story (Evillious)
    "if you get attracted to evil, you'll surely get stained aswell." // Meta Salmhofer // Original Sin Story
    "Hey Father, praise me. I've defeated the witch's henchman too." // Hansel // Original Sin Story (Evillious)
    "Hey Mother, praise me. I've defeated the evil witch." // Gretel // Original Sin Story (Evillious)
    Pale Noel // Original Sin Story (evillious)
    "is the one aiming at my life, really an enemy?" Milky Eights // Original Sin Story (evillious)
    "A noblewoman haughty with arrogance" // Ly Li // Original Sin Story (Evillious)
    "Thank you, Irina. You're safe, I won't let you die- I'll protect you." // Elluka Chirclatia // Original Sin Story
    "Looking at them I remember, for retribution against the woman who stole everything"
    "I shall try to increase my circle of friends." // I.R // Lunacy of Duke Venomania (Evillious)
    "The jail is dark. I want to go outside." // Cherubim Venomania // Madness Of Duke Venomania (Evillious)
    “And I don’t much care for that Gallerian. Especially his face." // Sateriasis Venomania // Madness of Duke Venomania (Evillious)
    "It was a magnificent female disguise, wasn’t it? I hadn’t expected it to work so well." // Karchess Crim // Madness of Duke Venomania (Evillious)
    "Say Mikulia, I think it would be better if everyone got along. Lord Venomania would also like that." // Lukana Octo // Madness of Duke Venomania (Evillious)
    "He was luring lonely women to the mansion, for only the lust."
    "if you were happy, I had perhaps thought it was okay."
    "One by one, all of us got lost as his evil plan unfurled"
    "You, Riliane, the King of Marlon, Allen, Leonhart, Mariam, all of you, every one of you is a stupid, stupid idiot!" // Elluka Clockworker // Evillious Chronicles
    "What kind of taste do I have, I wonder?" // Banica Conchita // Evil Food Eater Conchita
    "...Maybe now is the time to change." // Carlos Marlon // Evil Food Eater Conchita
    "Praise and worship our great Conchita." // Arte // Evil Food Eater Conchita (Evillious)
    "You’ve eaten Arte? But that’s terrible! Without her there’s no one here who can cook! Ohh, we’re in trouble." // Pollo // Evil Food Eater Conchita (Evillious)
    “You should go there yourself. Go and bang-bang them with your special magic.“ // Platonic // Evil Food Eater Conchita (Evillious)
    "Come, listen carefully to the beautiful voice of Elphegort’s one and only diva, a girl working in my household, Michaela!" // Keel Freezis // Daughter of Evil
    "It's kinda weird for a former maid to be carryin' a sword, ain't it?" // Chartette Langley // Daughter of Evil (Evillious)
    "Oh, do you have some business with me, cute foreign boy?" // Michaela // Daughter of Evil
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