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    x R E Q U E S T • F O R M x
    THEME : give a theme (for example, autumn)
    GENDER : boy, girl, or genderfluid
    SKIN TONE : pale, medium, tanned
    EYE COLOR : be specific (for example, pastel blue)
    TOP : be specific and include colors (top includes shirts, jackets, dresses, etc.)
    BOTTOM : be specific and include colors (bottom includes pants, shorts, jeans, etc.)
    ACCESSORIES : be specific and include colors (accessories include, choker, bow, shoes, socks, etc.)
    STEVE OR ALEX : choose your model of choice
    HAIRSTYLE : be specific (short and curly, long and straight, long braided, etc.)
    HAIR COLOR(S) : be specific (example very dark brown)
    OTHER : anything extra


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    she/her the sun gemini
    onion witch

    *PLEASE do NOT tag me (@) in skintober related stuff.*
    *to credit me, just link back to my profile WITHOUT tagging*

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    I only post a skin about once every month so here are some of my interests instead:
    K-POP (F(X) & SNSD)

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    Fawne xx
    Andrelf xx
    Neera xx
    Aria xx
    Valerie xx

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    If I've forgotten you, please do tell!
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      Fawne shared Skinterest's post
      May 16, 2022, 7:58 pm with Public
      sorry for all the posts today! not having a good one so i've been busying myself lol
      Skinterest post by Fawne avatar Fawne
      May 16, 2022, 7:53 pm to Public
      Hello! Here's an update announcement for Skinspiration:

      Throughout the next few weeks or so our group will be going through a huge rebrand!
      We're basically going to change/wipe everything! (So if you've posted something before and would like to keep it, you may DM me to help you gather what all you've posted)

      With the rebrand, we'll be looking for people to fill certain positions. If you're interested in any of these roles, DM me with which role you'd like & why you think you'd fit that role (if it's a creative role, just dm me some examples of what you might post!) You may apply for MORE than one role. The roles we're looking for are as follows:

      MODERATOR - moderators will help me run the group, you'll take care of member invites and roles, make sure all the content posted is relevent & friendly, and you must be trusted & active!

      EVENT-ORGANIZER - event organizers will help out with any prompts/raffles/contests or other events hosted by the group or it's members! this role has access to our wall, content, and collections.

      BASE-CREATOR - base creator is a role for posting bases. bases may be unshaded or shaded. this role has access to our wall and content.

      AESTHETIC-CREATOR - aesthetic creator is a role for posting moodboards or collages. so if you like making moodboards or collecting images, this role is for you! this role has access to our wall and content.

      WRITER - writer is a role that's mainly focused toward blogs. some ideas of what a writer could do: tutorials, round-ups, prompts, general ideas that don't necessarily have visuals. this role is a bit obscure, so make sure to give examples of what we can expect from you in your application! this role has access to our wall and content.

      COLLECTOR - a collector is someone who puts together themed collections. if you're someone who doesn't make skins or moodboards, you may want this role. collection themes MUST be approved by a moderator. this role has access to our wall and collections.

      MEMBER - if you don't want any responsibility or have no plans to post anything but want to be a part of the group, this role is for you. members will have a say in polls/voting/community events. members can post to our guestbook, but otherwise have no special perms. You may also apply for this role in our guestbook as there is no applicaiton!

      The old roles WILL be deleted after May 31, 2022. So if you'd like to stay in the group, please make sure to transfer over! If you have any questions, do ask!
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    •  avatar
      May 16, 2022, 5:25 pm to Public
      is it currently possible to delete a group or change it's name? do i have to contact an admin or smth for it? anyone know?

      thinking about deleting my group or completely restarting it; particularly don't really like the name and i don't think i've got the mental uh? wellness? to take care of it on my own. i forget about it constantly and then it sits inactive for like weeks at a time.

      if i rebrand it, i might make it a place where people can post their skin bases as well as moodboards and such? idk.
      MoonAstraea said 2022-05-16 19:49:01
      AddiJ said 2022-05-16 18:43:37
      When I googled it I found a faq page that pmc made about groups. It said the only way to disband a group is to create a ticket explaining why and to give a link to the group.
      fluffybootz said 2022-05-16 18:11:29
      yeah just like dm or @ a mod and they should reply or maybe even see this post. i don't own any groups but judging by the comments under me it doesn't seem like you can
      SouthDakotaGirl said 2022-05-16 17:36:04
      Yea, you probably have to contact a admin.
      Mellie said 2022-05-16 17:31:32
      Idk, I'm sorry :(
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      Fawne shared CactiFern's post
      May 15, 2022, 11:03 am with Public
      May 15, 2022, 9:44 am to Public
      Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening peoples. Tis my birthday today but also the beginning of Tourette’s awareness month! My friend jokes that I was destined to have Tourette’s because of this lol.

      A dark teal ribbon is for Tourette’s and a green lanyard with sunflowers is another symbol for Tourette’s so if someone’s wearing that that most likely means they have it.

      Ok byeee
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    •  avatar
      May 14, 2022, 5:47 pm to Public
      okay pmc is forcing me to post publicly, if i try to change to subscribers only it refreshes my entire page and my really cool post got yeeted :(

      so anyway what are your top 10 favorite animals?
      in no particular order mine are:
      seals, cats, ferrets, snakes, seastars, frogs, bats, turtles, buffalos, opossums
      *hippos as a close 11th place
      Noo2 said 2022-05-16 00:48:24
      i also like pandas but in honor of child me i put giraffes
      Noo2 said 2022-05-16 00:47:55
      hmmmm since idk 10 i particularly like i'll name 5- butterflies, rabbits, cats, bees & giraffes UWU OWO >.< EX DEE ok goodbye
      minzy replied to Fawne's comment below 2022-05-15 00:43:42
      mm we have like 4 ringtail possums living around our house and they're so cute
      Fawne replied to Noodle's comment below 2022-05-14 23:44:23
      i had to google what a bilby was and it looks like a really big elephant shrew, very boopable snoots. also had a friend in school who had pet sugar gliders, v cute as well
      Fawne replied to inzanely's comment below 2022-05-14 23:40:51
      axolotls are super cute, they're top tier for me too. people keep reminding me of other animals that are just so good.
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      Fawne shared DigitalNeko's post
      May 11, 2022, 8:55 pm with Public
      May 11, 2022, 7:09 pm to Public
      Hiii I know it's not the prettiest forum post, but I'm hosting a Pride Blind Raffle Event
      The event doesn't open until June 1 but I'm currently looking for some more people who'd like to contribute! Make sure to read the forum for more info<33
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      DigitalNeko said 2022-05-11 21:41:27
      Thank you again for sharing<33
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