Captain of the Undead, Leviathan Whisperer Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed The Seven Seas Player Skin Contest.

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Captain of the Undead, Leviathan Whisperer

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DragonsDungeon's Avatar DragonsDungeon
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Morton had traveled far and wide, slowly being consumed by the demonish spawn he had summoned, the blue poison had spread far and wide, his face unrecognisable. The creature that had originally spawned at his fingertips was slowly migrating to overtake his body and mind. The hopes of a peaceful death to the seemingly corrupted areas of his existence were all gone, left were merely the nightmares of what the corruption would do with his body when his last energy was surrendered. Toraga had not been kidding, the sage's wise words rung in Morton's head once more:

"No matter how much you love or like the person you must kill them and save the world"

Morton sensed it, he was the person in Toraga's documents, he was the one that had to die for the world to live on. But what could Morton do himself? He was entangled in a world of pain. Emotionally... Leif... The promise of leaving the world to Leif so he could explore it seemed so shallow now, knowing that Morton would soon be devoured and transformed into the spawn of evil. As the sun set, the final bits of morton was consumed and transformed.

The face, a fiendish blue colour, tentacles sprung from him as if Davy Jones himself had arisen. The red eyes penetrated the sorrounding shadows. The fabrics of life of the island were devoured at once, by the undead hero. The winds whispered in the Captain's echo as the sea's split. An eel-like creature from the dark waters arose, the spawn of Leviathan was once again united with it's one overlord. The Leviathan whisperer was finally ready to once again reign the world's seas, finishing off life as Toraga had been promised time ago... The undead ship was ready to sail, its captain finally home, the terror re-established. Ready to live, and end the life on the 7 seas.

tl;dr concept
A cthulhu like existance with a blue lamp, showing off the colours of dead spirits. Around his shoulders and arms, an eel like creature, the avatar of leviathan can be found.

Cool tech used to make this skin, explained and discussed!

Captain of the Undead, Leviathan Whisperer Minecraft Skin

Dragonic head, the small creation of this took a few iterations. The idea here was to attempt something I've done on an HD skin a while ago. In the Dragon Tamer I used a setup where I had a dragon head on the side of the head, which I could then have the body go around a singular arm. For the head of this skin, not enough space was available to actually do this same maneuver, so I used tech I used on my chimera skin, where I made mineature heads on the shoulders, a technique I originally saw used by Carcharodontosaurus on his incredible hydra skin! GingerPie was crucial in helping the head reach its final shape!

Captain of the Undead, Leviathan Whisperer Minecraft Skin
The body of the leviathan spawn I decided would cross both arms, this solves a major issue of space and allows for a creature of significant size to be present on the skin. The advantage of this is that you don't need to spin the body around a single limb several times over for the size of it to be sufficiently substantial. To make sure the body of the creature was interesting, I added spikes onto the body. The tech used to make this I have not seen before and I am very very happy it succeeded because I've always wanted a dragon tamer style skin in regular resolution.

Captain of the Undead, Leviathan Whisperer Minecraft Skin
On skin lightsource; I decided it would be appropriate to add a weak light emitting body onto the skin. By weak I mean that this lightsource isn't dominating at all, and only serves as a minor effect on the area of its circumference. These include the crab claw on the arm, the tentacles from the head, the belt, the boots and the ragged clothing next to it. This minor effect allows for a cool colour-spiel throughout the skin.

Skull carved into the clothing on the back was a sudden and very cool way to do the legs. The skull is topical and is meant to blend into the ragged clothes and boots pretty seemlessly. I do think I succeeded in doing that and in the 2d preview I do think the skull is pretty clear. The effect is particularly aided by gloomy colours and vivid brows. The design was made with help from Shadow and Carcharodontosaurus!

The last bit of difficult tech was this small skull. Using the hat layers away from the middle of the limb allows you to make small subdivisions of pixels on the base layer. This I used to make the eyes actually be surrounded by bone material, which gives a cool effect of a complete skull. Similarly, pixels on the hat layer were used to give shape the eye sockets.

Fun easteregg:

I added a dagger below the right arm!

Inspiration and idea

My first contest win was actually in a contest that was practically the same as this one, just under a different name:

The Leviathan Summoner [​Contest 1st Place!]
by DragonsDungeon

The story I wrote ties into the story from this skin, with the same characters. The idea is that the character from this skin is being corrupted and slowly turned into this skin. Whereafter he finally summons the leviathan, which circles his body. Since the character died, his undead body is now the captain of the undead boat!

Image description of what the skin parts are

Credit to the following people:
Carcharodontosaurus (who made a superb entry himself, please check it out)

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08/27/2021 12:33 am
They/Them • Level 47 : Master Waffle Toast
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Epic work, and congratulations for receiving 1st place!
08/26/2021 9:11 pm
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Congrats on 1st place, matey!! Well-deserved :D
08/26/2021 9:20 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Button Pusher
DragonsDungeon's Avatar
Thank you and congrats on the fantastic placement in your first contest! Very well deserved too!
08/26/2021 9:29 pm
Level 27 : Expert Miner
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Thank you very much! :)
08/26/2021 2:52 pm
Level 27 : Expert Miner
CharlieCharlie2424's Avatar
Looks astonishing! The story is also really captivating, nice work!
08/26/2021 2:54 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Button Pusher
DragonsDungeon's Avatar
Cheers CharlieCharlie! <3
08/25/2021 7:07 am
Level 71 : Legendary Skinner
Auri's Avatar
i like it
08/23/2021 10:07 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Artist
Henor_Antler's Avatar
Wow :0
08/23/2021 11:41 am
Level 76 : Legendary Button Pusher
DragonsDungeon's Avatar
08/23/2021 8:56 am
Level 40 : Master Blueberry
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This looks so good, as always!