Chaosroid T (Ultraman Taro) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
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Chaosroid T (Ultraman Taro) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth]

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaosroid T! T is for Team Jacob and Taro!

Chaosroid T is a clone of Ultraman Taro from the game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth. They both have the same ability but CRT have more. Chaos-T was sent by alien Mefilas to destroy the Land of Light. He stole this....Giant Bell and shrunk it to the size of his hand. He then just place it inside his opinion about him is that....the bell inside his stomach?! What if it stick out and people start shouting out "he is Pregnant".and that Bell is maybe King's door bell

the only prob about this skin is his horn can't be seen. Of course,Taro special feature is his horn....i Get it!

(while i was doing this...i was thinking) Fan Fic!

Alex: can you wake up by your self?! you always wake up before night!

Steve: the bell on my alarm is broken

Alex: so fix it!

Steve: yes~ mom~

*: Suddenly Chaosroid T passing by while holding his bell
Steve: hmmmm~

*:10 min later,Steve replace his old bell with the one he stole from Chaosroid-T
Steve:nice!time to sleep

*:the next day,the bell ring and a force come out of it, pushing Steve out side through the window
Steve: Waaaaaah! used that method?


Chaosroid T (Ultraman Taro) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
Chaosroid T (Ultraman Taro) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
CreditGot Amino Minecraft?! you know what to do!!

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Update #1 Shade : by Powered-Great 09/13/2016 8:57:16 pmSep 13th, 2016

much better then last

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