Chaosroid S (Ultraseven) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
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Chaosroid S (Ultraseven) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth]

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaosroid S! that stand for Seven!.......teen Thirty Eight......

Chaosroid S is a clone of Ultraseven. Their not really much different except for the color and some extra line. In the game Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, Chaosroid S stole this...Giant key that (i think its King's house key) its seems to be use as a gun. And the bullet! oh lord! it blow the whole planet. His finishing move is shoot this one cylinder shape ray and then it just blow up. Alien Mephilas is the one that sent him and the other 2 Chaosroid.

the only problem about this skin is that his eyeslagger can't be seen. But with Imagination, anything can happen

(while i was doing this...i was thinking) Fan Fic!

*:Steve come back from mining. He remember that he didn't create a button for his iron door.
Steve: Great,Just Great!

*: suddenly a silver & black player passing by(Chaosroid S) while holding a giant key
Steve: hey you,is that some mode?


Steve: i'm assuming it is...can it like,open anything?


Steve: i don't like your attitude.... Just let me try

*:Steve take the giant key from Choasroid S. He then get closer to his iron door and point at it. Chaosroid S is shock and fly away

Steve: was he on Creative? should've ask for some button....but at least i got this key. wait,is this a trigger?
*Trigger Pull*
Audio*:What The F*ck!

*:the whole planet get blown up.Choasroid is floating around and spotted the key is on top some gravel block

Chaosroid S (Ultraseven) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
Chaosroid S (Ultraseven) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
Chaosroid S (Ultraseven) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth] Minecraft Skin
CreditGot Amino MC? Yuno wa 2 Do!

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Update #2 (try again) : by Powered-Great 09/14/2016 6:48:54 amSep 14th, 2016

some error just happened........let me try it again

making him look much better

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