(UPDATED) Glitchtrap / Malhare, FNaF: Help Wanted. Minecraft Skin
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(UPDATED) Glitchtrap / Malhare, FNaF: Help Wanted.

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CornKaine's Avatar CornKaine
Level 46 : Master Procrastinator
Yay, skin updates. I know this is a little exhausting, but this was a terrible skin in my book to say the least. I hate the original, so I've revamped it based on Andiematronic's FNaF: HW Glitchtrap / Malhare cosplay.

Extra Fredbear variant!
(UPDATED) Glitchtrap / Malhare, FNaF: Help Wanted. Minecraft Skin

Disregard the sentences below, they're out of date.

HaaaahahahahhhhSo- time to torture myself. Here's a Malhare / Glitchtrap skin. I know I said I was doing 80's skins first, and I know this doesn't look like canon glitchtrap at all but! why not. Its a skin.
CreditScott Cawthon and Steel Wool for the character, Andiematronic for the video and motivation.

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Update #1 : by CornKaine 11/19/2020 5:00:59 pmNov 19th, 2020

Revamped the skin's coloring, vest shape, eyes/eyelashes, eyebrows, head shading, and foot/leg design.

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11/09/2020 7:10 pm
Level 20 : Expert Artist
HUGOlovesTRAINZ's Avatar
Aaah it looks so good! I love the use of the 3D layer on this skin, a definite favorite! <3
11/09/2020 7:23 pm
Level 46 : Master Procrastinator
CornKaine's Avatar
Thank you! I love abusing that second layer on my skins to enhance them, great to see someone noticing that!
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