Draven - the Glorious Executioner Minecraft Skin
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Draven - the Glorious Executioner

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Ehmbiggy's Avatar Ehmbiggy
Level 41 : Master Unicorn
Hey !
I have returned after a long time .
I'm back with more motivation and new ideas :)
I hope to upload skins more often.
Thanks to everyone who have supported me all this time.

I made this skin because I love Draven champ, from league of legends.
Enjoy it and don't forget to give a diamond! :D I really apreciate that 

Draven - the Glorious Executioner Minecraft Skin
Pro photoshoper :P

Draven - the Glorious Executioner Minecraft Skin
Draven, from League of Legends

Unlike his brother Darius, victory in battle was never enough for Draven. He craved recognition, acclaim, and glory. He first sought greatness in the Noxian military, but his flair for the dramatic went severely underappreciated. Thirsting for a method to share ''Draven'' with the world, he turned his attention to the prison system. There he carved out the celebrity he desired by turning the tedious affair of executions into a premiere spectacle.

At Draven's first execution, he shocked onlookers when he ordered the doomed prisoner to run for dear life. Just before the man managed to flee from sight, Draven brought him down with a flawless throw of his axe. Soon, all Draven's executions became a gauntlet through which Noxian prisoners raced for a final chance at life. He used this trial as his own personal stage, and turned executions into a leading form of entertainment. He rallied onlookers into a frenzy, while desperate prisoners scrambled to evade him. They never succeeded. Rejecting the solemn, black uniforms of Noxian executioners Draven donned bright outfits and developed flashy signature moves to distinguish himself. Crowds flocked to see Draven in action, and tales of his performances spread quickly. As his popularity grew, so did his already-inflated ego. He belonged at the center of attention. Before long, the scope of his ambitions outgrew the population of Noxus. He decided that the glorious exploits of Draven should be put on display for the entire world.

'' 'The best' is wherever I decide to set the bar each day.''
-- Draven
CreditDraven, from League of Legends, By Ehmbiggy

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New shades : by Ehmbiggy 12/24/2015 6:56:31 amDec 24th, 2015

New shades have been improved

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03/04/2017 10:05 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Skinner
XKraller's Avatar
Wow, that's awesome!
08/26/2018 12:48 pm
Level 41 : Master Unicorn
Ehmbiggy's Avatar
Thank you a lot! :D

12/22/2015 7:58 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Explorer
AmdalAuara's Avatar
12/24/2015 6:39 am
Level 41 : Master Unicorn
Ehmbiggy's Avatar
Welcome to the League of Draven ;)
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