Duke Nukem (Nukum) Apogee original Minecraft Skin
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Duke Nukem (Nukum) Apogee original

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Mikemc's Avatar Mikemc
Level 36 : Artisan Blockhead
People look at me when I'm wearing this skin and say things like "WTF THAT'S NOT DUKE NUKEM!!"
Well actually... it's not only Duke Nukem, it's Duke Nukum, the original classic 2d side-scroller edition. He's even displayed in the Hall of Fame in the new Forever game!

*Note: The spelling of his last name was changed here and there and is now officially Duke Nukem however my copy of the game is spelled with the U instead, and thus why it is spelled that way here - Huzzah!

This is Duke before all the fame and glory, before the drug abuse and womanizing, back when all he had was a blaster, albeit with upgrades, and his trusty Jump Boots and ceiling Claw. Cans of coke, roast turkey, joysticks and balloons baby! (Blaster is shown on his back)

Stand out from the dukebots and show the world what a true Duke Nukem fan you are with this classic Duke Nukum Episode 1 skin.

The original Duke Nukem can still be purchased from 3D Realms.

* This was my first Minecraft skin
CreditApogee (3D Realms), Jon St. John

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08/28/2011 1:05 am
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