Evil Tiga [Ultraman Tiga] Minecraft Skin
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Evil Tiga [Ultraman Tiga]

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Powered-Great's Avatar Powered-Great
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
"I'm Evil Tiga!Bwahahahahaha! I killed my own pet!" (I'm not joking,he did)

It's Evil Tiga!! The most famous evil Ultra Crusaders before Belial. Evil Tiga isn't really a clone of Ultraman Tiga(I think). What i read,he is like Tiga and his 2 pals,a statue that is hidden. But Evil Tiga isn't much like Tiga,like having his own companion and the ability to change. He could've been a good companion to Tiga if only it didn't get into the wrong hand. In the show,this fool name Dr.Masaaki Kaigo stole Daigo's(Tiga's Human hose) Spark Lens and use it to revive the Evil Tiga. Due to the Dumb S Doctor influence,that Evil Tiga wouldn't be named Evil in the first place! also,what i read & watched,Gerdi came and tried to stop him from destroying the city. No matter what,Evil Tiga still continue. He tried to kill Gardi but then,""tatobaaa~"" Tiga had come! I think Gardi was shock to see there were 2 Tigas (are you that Blinde?!). Before anything continue,Evil Tiga Manage to Killed Gardi. Gardi even cried....

But let'stalk about the skin. There isn't much prob beside the horn. If there is others,i'll try to fix it. The line on the suit are kinda hard to follow but the biggest feature are the gray and black with a bit of red. So...it may look bad...

(While i was doing this...i was thinking) Fan Fic!

*: Steve is feeding his dog/wolf/Jacob....
Steve: who's a good little doggie? you are! you are.....hey,what are doing over there?

*: Steve spot Evil Tiga pushing some cats and tamed wolf to the lava pit
Steve:what the hell?!

*Steve shove Evil Tiga*
Steve:are you joking?! they're your pet,right?!

Evil Tiga:....................

Steve:do you even....*sigh*...ok,they are your petssssssssa~.they are kept for companionship or pleasure. You treat them kindly and they will try to entertain by their....stuff. Like rolling on the ground. Kinda like making your day brighter. Just look at my dog,can't you tell that with things like him,you won't be afraid of doing things alone.

Evil Tiga:......

*:Evil Tiga punch Steve's dog to the lave pit
Steve:Mah Dawg~!

Evil Tiga [Ultraman Tiga] Minecraft Skin
Evil Tiga [Ultraman Tiga] Minecraft Skin
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Update #1 shade : by Powered-Great 09/11/2016 6:31:09 amSep 11th, 2016

actually its my second time changing this guy

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