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Orchestral's Avatar Orchestral
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This is Salene. She is an upper deimon from Jellysh's closed species. She has given me permission to make one of them.
Kay so basically her deamon OC Cecil is a lower deamon. Lover deamons are closer to human looking than deamon looking, and only have on distinctive deamon figure. Middle deamons have two, and upper deamons have three. My three are:
thee deer eears obviously
the slightly blue tinted skin on the left side of her body
and there's an eye on the top of her head covered by hair.

Her backstory / Diary (It's kinda long!)
Everything was always normal. People weren't afraid of the deimon like they were in big cities like New York. It was comforting. Of course, for me, there was always that thought of a deimon sneaking up on me. I used to always push it aside. I thought, 'If there were any dæmons, they would have been already causing trouble and hurting people already.' That must have been what everyone thought. But it doesn't matter what everyone thought, or what they think now. But I'm always getting ahead of myself, aren't I. This entry is for understanding. So that if anyone finds it, they'll understand why I had to run away, and they'll understand (hopefully) some more about dæmons.

As as I had said before, deimon attacks never happened here. We never had any reason to cower. I was a stupid niegve girl back then, to careless and carefree. The first attack happened right at the first year of highschool. I knew the girl that had died, she was nice. I should have been more worried, like everybody else, but I wasn't. That year, no more attacks occurred. The year after that, the year we're in right now, three attacks. I- was the third.

There was this one guy in my class, and I'm not afraid to write his name. His name was Jonathan. He was an all round' cool guy. All of the other girls liked him, he was funny, witty, smart.. And he asked me if I wanted to come with him and his friends from his troop to come camping. I didn't think anything bad was going to happen. I mean, it's a camping trip. With some friends. I knew all of the other guys, they were cool. I mean, we were basically friends. It was the beginning of June, so everything was staring to warm up. Even so, on the night I was to go camping, it got chilly. So I decided to wear something warmer than a t-shirt and shorts with converse.

I've always loved the outdoors, so I thought this was going to be a perfect experience. Ive always felt a special connection to wild animals, especially deer. I understand them more now, but back then I think they came to me because they found me as a sense of calm and comfort. They still do, but now I understand them, and why they run at every snap of a twig. But that's for a later entry, if there is one.

As I drove down to the spot, I kept feeling a rush of cold air, before it went back to the nice, warmish breeze of early summertime. I got there, and everything was nice and tranquil. I hung out with the boys for a while, but then they had to do some 'group activity for troop members only' so I decided to go on a hike. I don't know how long I walked, but I walked a good long amount because when I managed to get back to the campsite, it was dark out. How did I manage to find the campsite in pitch black dark? I didn't see anything, but I heard screams. And then I saw the smoke. Rising through the air. As I got closer and closer to the screams and smoke, I got colder and colder. When I got there, the smoke had vanished, along with the screams. And then all I remember was being hit, and then getting knocked out. When I awoke, I was on the underside of a river. A thin shield of ice with what appeared to be snow blocked my exit. I didn't want to think, so all I did was hit the ice with my weak underwater punch until I could barely hold my breath for any longer. And then the ice cracked, and shattered and the snow fell down, down to the bottom of that lake. I swam up and released the air I had trapped within me. I couldn't see anything except for the dawn sky. The rest of the icy lake was covered in layers apon layers of snow. I was already out of breath, and my arms and legs were weak. I just wanted to fall back,
into the water...

And then something nudged me back into existence. It was an antler! I grabbed on to it with all of my strength, and it pulled me up out of the water. And then it proceeded to drag me out of the lake area, being careful to avoid falling in the icy waters. When we arrived at land, he pulled me onto a bed of purple flowers. They were beautiful iris'. I layer there for several hours, regaining my strength. At last, I stood up and looked around. The campsite was close by. I walked back to it, and then proceeded to head back to my car, with the deer close behind me. I got to the car, but then stopped and turned around to face the deer, and hugged him. I thanked him for saving my life, and told him I was forever indebted to him. And I got in my car, and headed for my home.

And you might be wondering why I wasn't freaked out by all of this? I was, I just wasn't able to comprehend it at the moment. The road had been sprinkled with the ice melting crystals, thank goodness. As I was driving, I paused to check in my rear-view mirror, and I instnatly pulled on the brakes. It was me, but it wasn't! I had antlers coming out of my head! And my skin, part of it was blue! It all started to come together...

I had turned into a deimon.
I drove to my parents house as quickly as possible. Their car's went at the house, so I didn't have to be quiet. I entered with my key, that I had kept on my key chain that I had kept in my car so very carelessly. I went to check the calendar we had in the main hall. My parents always kept it on date.
It was December. The fifth, to be exact.
I had been under the water, trapped, for over 6 1/2 months.

So that's why I've decided to write this. I don't know where you are, probably on your anniversary or something, but I just want you guys to know...

I took your money. Some of it... Just what what was in the safe
I took your food.
And my clothes.
And bedsheets and pillow.
And my stuffed animal Mr.Puggles.
But that's ok, you can earn it back.

I can't. Not easily anyway. So, I'm going to be away for awhile. I'll call you once I get a new phone, one not completely wet and frozen over. Bye!

With love,
Okay yeah the backstory is kinda long sorry
Her info
Full name - Selene Lavender Verbena

Age - 16

Personality - Witty, outgoing, nature loving, careful, creative, shy, frightful, kind, and compassionate to name a few.

Special abilities - As a human she had none, but now that she is a dæmon she has a few - She can control the cold, freeze things on a hot day, create a blizzard in the middle of a heat stroke, that sorta thing. She also has the ability to talk to the forest animals, deer in particular. With her third eye on her head (not mentioned in the story,) she has the ability to see the short term outcomes of most decisions.

Likes - Animals, nature, the calm, the ocean, the cold, winter, snow, ice cream, and ants. (To name a few)

Dislikes - Rivers, being a deimon, being summoned accidentally by people stupid enough to try, the colour pink, having to write this (why do I have to do this?) being on tv, and crowds of people (another few)

Summoning Spell - Constringitur in aestate, submersi sunt in aere, confidit in eis qui graditur super quattuor

Relationships - Her parents, wherever they are.
Popreel again!!! Ahh ily all!!!

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Fixed the story : by Orchestral 07/27/2016 6:16:28 pmJul 27th, 2016

Jelly told me that it's spelled Deimon so fixed it

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08/19/2016 7:27 am
Level 35 : Artisan Artist
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Amazing as always
07/27/2016 6:06 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
whimsyfish's Avatar
It's amazing!!
its spelled Deimon ;-;
normally, deimons are born deimons, but I like this very much! It's great! I think I'll be adding "rarely, if humans die a quick, abnormal death, they may turn into a deimon"!
07/27/2016 6:14 pm
Level 42 : Master Giraffe
Orchestral's Avatar
OooooooOoooooOooohhhhh :> I'll fix
07/27/2016 6:17 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
whimsyfish's Avatar
btw, you can add a Latin spell that people can summon salene/selene with if you want! I've kept Cecilos' a secret huhuhu~
07/27/2016 6:19 pm
Level 42 : Master Giraffe
Orchestral's Avatar
Ooohhhhhhhhhhh Yass
07/27/2016 1:47 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster uwu
Campestral's Avatar
You weren't kidding when you said this would hurt your fingers. This is so well written, I love it!
07/27/2016 5:19 pm
Level 42 : Master Giraffe
Orchestral's Avatar
Ahh thank you!! XD I come up with such an intricate backstory for all f my chapters but I don't choose to post them all.
There is something that connects all of my oc's that I doubt anyone will be able to find out until I update my persona, yet again.
07/27/2016 6:31 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster uwu
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Gah, now I have to find out what connects them! Haha
07/27/2016 7:19 am
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downloading right away
07/27/2016 7:41 am
Level 42 : Master Giraffe
Orchestral's Avatar
Ahh ty ty!!
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