Genn Greymane - WoM #3 Minecraft Skin
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Genn Greymane - WoM #3

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Genn Greymane - WoM #3 Minecraft Skin
Welcome back to the official World of Minecraft skin series! Overtime, famous World of Warcraft characters and armor are being added to the collection. These are the perfect skins to enjoy the World of Minecraft HD Resource Pack with, the most successful World of Warcraft themed Resource Pack of all time. A download link is below, along with a brief character description of Genn Greymane. Thanks for dropping in, be sure to go check out the Resource Pack!

Download the Official Resource Pack Here:

Genn Greymane - WoM #3
Genn Greymane is the current King of Gilneas, and one of the original founders of the Alliance of Lordaeron. He is a large bearish man, a brawny warrior with thick features, a heavy beard, and black and gray armor. Greymane has also been noted for being stubborn, proud, strong-willed, cunning, and arrogant.
Humbled by his son's death and the devastation of his kingdom, Greymane accepted the aid of the night elves, who had offered to relocate Gilnean survivors to Darnassus. In a fit of stubbornness, Greymane was against formally rejoining the Alliance until he had almost lost his wife and daughter during the crossing. After a short layover at Darnassus and reestablishing diplomatic ties with King Varian Wrynn, Greymane becomes a changed man. Greymane becomes a staunch supporter of the Alliance, adding the ferocity of the Gilneans to the considerable might of the Alliance, intent on one day reclaiming his lost kingdom. This intention is later realized by the time of the Battle for Azeroth, as Gilneas is restored enough to go on the offensive following the Battle for Lordaeron.

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