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HeistDay - Clover

HeistDay - Clover Minecraft Skin
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avatar BobotPlayz
Level 31 : Artisan Ninja
Oh Clover, the lady of good and bad luck. Good luck to her friends, bad luck to her enemies. I almost feel bad for those cops trying to cuff us. Well.. hello you HeistDay fans! Check out Clover, in her HeistDay outfit! She wears a coat over her half-shirt. Her coat and half-shirt has her signature HeistDay logo, which is pretty cool. She wears ripped jeans, which are too ripped that there is no white coming out of them! You see her actual legs! She wears blue rubber gloves over white wool gloves, which are seen in between the coat sleeve and the blue rubber gloves. It is still unknown why she wears them, and will probably forever be.

Check out the official HeistDay series, created by BobotPlayz, only available on YouTube!

"New game! Everyone pretend to be a nice rug! Winner doesn't get shot in the face." -HeistDay Clover

Check out my friend, HasselHox, who helped with the skin!
CreditHassel Hox, PMC staff, Overkill, AND MY FAAAANS!
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