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HeistDay - Anonymous

HeistDay - Anonymous Minecraft Skin
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avatar BobotPlayz
Level 31 : Artisan Ninja
So, the iconic hacker, Anonymous, the savior of planet earth (Kind of), joins the HeistDay gang? Yes indeed, and he stars in episode 2 of HeistDay! Who knew the hacker would help the gang with their missions!

In the series, he is the gang's hacker expert, and will stay in the safe house or in a nearby building, depending on what mission it is. He will RARELY take part of the action, and when he does, he is ready, because he is always wearing the blue rubber gloves the gang usually wear.

Check out the series, HeistDay, only available on YouTube, created by BobotPlayz

Well, enjoy the skin, and the series!

Background story:
Anonymous has hacked many things, and leaked many others. When he found out that the slowly growing gang, HeistDay gang, are of need of a hacker. He decides to send a video to BobotPlayz, asking to join. BobotPlayz accepts, and anonymous is found in the safe house. Even to this day, not even the gang members themselves have seen his face, but still trust him. They decided to tweak around with his mask, to make his mask look like the others. He wont be seen helping the gang on episode 2, but he will be shown.

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sOmeTImes IT is neeDed to HElp OtHers, but it is indeed needed to be useful!
-HeistDay Anonymous
CreditOverkill, my fans, and PMC staff

04/12/2017 4:51 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Ninja
Check out the series to know more of this secretive character!
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