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Hinata Tokiha - OC

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Hinata Tokiha

Basically a fanskin of my character that I am overly obsessed with. Extreme levels of experimentation, like the result, procrastinated too much
Despite looks, Hinata is a Human Animalix wannabe, long hair being a tail and hat being ears
This is part of the same world as my old skin Kaede Nagemotsu
Use She/He/They pronouns
Gender fluid

Fire.The last thing I saw before my untimely death. I didn't even die from fire. I died drowning. So why was there fire? I walked up the long stairway. I believed in Olympian Gods, as they were more relatable. Surely this wasn't a stairway to heaven, the one with God with a capital G. I awoke. Holding a book. Holding a torch. In a dark cave. I was picked up by an Animalix Duchess. Her name was Mioko Dragonborn. "So, whats your name?" I wanted to tell her it was Tahi, my real name. But I decided against it. "I-I don't know..." "Well then, your name will be Hinata. You will be a blazing fire, like the sun. That must be what your torch means!"
The dreaded day, I turned 12. I went off on my own journey. I was on my own again. I could only dream of making new friends. Making true friends that don't want my title.

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