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Jack of Blades - Fable

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Scabwing avatar Scabwing
Level 42 : Master Vampire

"He is known by no one, and he is known by all. He is said to be as ancient as the Old Kingdom, and yet he has the strength of ten Heroes. Some say he is not of this world, and has come to us only for the pleasure of death and destruction. Some say he is but a legend, and the mask has covered the faces of dozens over the centuries, all claiming to be the same Jack of Blades. Whatever he is, he prevails in stories and in nightmares, and he is feared even by the Guild."

"He finds you when you're sleeping, and when the daylight fades. You know him by his true name, Hail old Jack of Blades."

Ah, my favourite villain. Jack of Blades. Jack is the main antagonist from Fable/Fable: The Lost Chapters. Only true Fable fans could appreciate this skin.

But hey, he's a master wizard, can turn into a dragon, and looks badass. What's not to like?

I made this skin ages ago, and it was very crudely done. I then took it down, and redid it. I left on hiatus for a while, then came back to find it gone. Thus, here it is again.
CreditFable, Lionhead Studios, Jack of Blades, Barrowstone

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