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JC Denton!!

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xingding's Avatar xingding
Level 42 : Master Pixel Painter
JC Denton from the video game Deus Ex.
(updated 10/6)

xingding's Deus Ex set
JC Denton
Paul Denton
Adam Jensen
Bob Page
Alex Denton

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10/04/2011 12:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
_Haus_'s Avatar
I guess another issue I might have is that the glasses are too wide.
10/06/2011 12:02 am
Level 42 : Master Pixel Painter
xingding's Avatar
After close examination, I completely realized what you mean. Updated!

It was hard to get the glasses to look right with a shorter width, but I think it looks better now.
10/04/2011 12:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
_Haus_'s Avatar
Your JC Denton is the best one I have seen. The other people dont know what they are doing. The only issue I take with your JC Denton is the mouth. It makes JC look retarded. That sort of thing fits a little better with Paul, since Paul is always a little more concerned or just shows that sort of attitude. JC always has a poker face, and that just doesnt show with yours. I would remove the mouth completely, or find a way to minimize it.
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