Kamen Rider Vice Rex Genome (仮面ライダーバイス レックスゲノム) Minecraft Skin
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Kamen Rider Vice Rex Genome (仮面ライダーバイス レックスゲノム)

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"Buddy Up! Ohing! Shoning! Rolling! Going! Kamen Rider! Revi! Vice! Revice!"

"Buddy Up! Stamping! Passing! Rolling! Going! Kamen Rider! Revi! Vice! Revice!"

Kamen Rider Vice
(仮面ライダーバイス) is the second Primary Rider of Kamen Rider Revice.

Vice (バイス) is Ikki Igarashi's inner demon. Ikki makes a contract with him to become Kamen Rider Revi to protect his family from the Deadmans. Vice only cares about himself and by extension Ikki's survival, as he will die if Ikki dies.

Vice transforms into Rex Genome (レックスゲノム) automatically when Ikki transforms into Kamen Rider Revi Rex Genome. After transforming, Vice puts on a helmet resembling a tyrannosaurus head.

Stats and parts from TV Asahi (Kamen Rider Vice Rex Genome information at TV-Asahi), translated into English:
  • Height: 199.8 cm
  • Weight: 92.2 kg
  • Punching Power: 8.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 29.9 t
  • Maximum Running Speed: 3.7 s per 100 m
  • Maximum Jump Height: 29.6 m
Parts of Kamen Rider Vice Rex Genome and their functions:
  • Genomet (ゲノメット): The helmet.
  • Rex Genomet (レックスゲノメット): The helmet armor. It's shape and design is altered by the power of the Rex Vistamp. Once equipped, the transformation into a Kamen Rider is complete, enhancing certain abilities and allow various attacks like breathing flames from the helmet.
  • Rex Genomet Eye (レックスゲノメットアイ): The purple eyes on the helmet. Both eyes have a wide viewing angle, and is used alongside Vice's eyes to locate enemies.
  • Rex Genomet Nose (レックスゲノメットノーズ): The nose on the helmet. It has a sharp sense of smell and can distinguish the situation by scent.
  • Vice Eye (バイスアイ): Vice's eyes. Visual acuity is 8.6 times than that of a human's. They can see demons that are invisible to a human's.
  • Vice Muffler (バイスマフラー) The scarf. It flutters in the wind to show off Vice's coolness.
  • Rex Genobreast (レックスゲノブレスト): The chest armor. The symbol engraved on the chest provides the abilities of a T-rex. The purple stamp pad on the left chest, called an Ohinjector (オーインジェクター), can be stamped to change Vice's genome independent of Revi.
  • Vice Body (バイスボディ): Vice's body. Materialized by the contract with Ikki Igarashi, is stronger and more durable than that of a human's.
  • Buddy Buckle (バディバックル): The belt. There is an internal component called a Genome Receiver (ゲノムレシーバー) that obtains power and the species information from the Revice Driver, bestowing powerful abilities to Vice.
  • Rex Genotail (レックスゲノテール): The tail. By changing the Genome Shift (ゲノムシフト), the function that governs the balance of the fusion between demon and animal, the tail is altered to that of a T-rex that can be swung around to defeat enemies. It also signifies Vice's identity.
  • Rex Genoshoulder (レックスゲノショルダー): The shoulder pads. Large shields mounted on the shoulders protect Vice from attacks.
  • Rex Vice Arm (レックスバイスアーム): The arms. They can be dematerialized to phase through anything.
  • Rex Genobracer (レックスゲノブレイサー): The gauntlets. They strengthen the arms by giving the strength of a T-rex. They also give the hardness and sharpness of a T-rex's fangs to the demon's claws, allowing them to be used in combat.
  • Rex Vice Leg (レックスバイスレッグ): The legs. They can change form to allow levitation.
  • Rex Genoleggers (レックスゲノレガース): The leg armor. They strengthen the legs by giving the strength of a T-rex. Upon activating the finisher with the Revice Driver and converging energy into the soles, Vice can perform the finishing attack called Rex Stamping Finish to cancel a Deadman's contract.

First appearance: Saber + Zenkaiger: Super Hero Senki (first seen), Kamen Rider Revice Episode 1 (first chronological appearance)

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