[Kari] The Little Witch || Contest Entry Minecraft Skin
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[Kari] The Little Witch || Contest Entry

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no hat cuz just no I don’t want to have to make it accurate to the art

My entry for Auri's skin contest

I’m actually a little surprised that deep-sea-prisoner's artstyle was accepted that easily xD

The reason I picked Wadanohara from the game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (watgbs) is because she’s known all over the sea and she fights for peace in the kingdom and is recognized for it. Also this particular outfit is from the true ending of watgbs, and I chose it instead of say the main outfit or the second normal end where she gives her life for the peace of the ocean because she succeeds in having peace and happiness herself when Samekichi comes back, which is nice compared to the "bad" end (normal end 1) and, as I said, normal end 2.

also I like that design the most lol

Below is official art as well as an original song by YZYX about wadanohara that’s actually pretty good

[Kari] The Little Witch || Contest Entry Minecraft Skin

Creditokegom for amazing games and character designs

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