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Le Muffin Man: DatMuffinMan's Contest

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EnderBlazes's Avatar EnderBlazes
Level 41 : Master Giraffe
This is Le Muffin Man from Le Muffin Factory. This is my skin for DatMuffinMan's Contest.

Once there was a man from Italy who loved to make muffins. He was raised with muffins. He grew up in A place called Le City. His mama baked muffins and he plowed the muffin farm. The family had a small company called Le Muffin Factory. One when Le Muffin Man grew up, his mama passed on. He had to continue Le Muffin Factory or else he would run out of money. Although he was raised with muffins. He didn't do that good at baking. One day someone order Over 9,000 muffins. In the middle of filling the order, the ovens started to rumble, and then it happened: Le Ovens Blew Up... It caused a chain reaction blowing up the whole city. Le Muffin Man was the only one who escaped. Now he works in secret dealing muffins in America. If You See Him, Buy His MUFFINS!!!

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