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Little Sister

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MistoftheMountain's Avatar MistoftheMountain
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
In the story "the 12 brothers" the king tells his wife if she has a baby girl then he will kill the 12 brothers. The youngest brother went to his mother and asked her why she was sad and she showed him the 12 coffins prepared for the sons. Then she told the youngest brother to bring his brothers into the forest and wait until they see a red or white flag (red she had a girl). On the day the youngest brother took watch over the castle he saw the red flag. He and his brothers then went deeper into the forest and found an enchanted house. A few years pass and the sister finds 12 shirts hanging up too small for her father so she asks her mother what they are. After her mother tells her the story she sets out to find her brothers. She journeys a day and finds the small enchanted house walking inside she discovers a boy inside and asks if he is her brother. (fast forward) she picks white flowers for her bothers and they all turn into crows. a witch appears where the house once stood and she tells her that she has to act stupid and not talk for 7 years to get her brothers back. ~there is more to the story but that's the general gist of it~

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04/14/2018 12:25 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice System
MabelPevensie's Avatar
I love that story. I read it again not too long ago. Nice skin to go with it, you did a good job. :)
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