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Marine Marauder (Fan Fallout Concept)

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Gooders009 avatar Gooders009
Level 47 : Master Artist
Story: On October 23rd 2077, China and the United States unleashed hundreds of nuclear warheads upon one other, blasting both countries back to the dark ages and covering the world in radioactive fallout. Millions died in the fires of atomic bombs and billions in following days from the radiation. The world as humanity once knew it had ended. The few short hours before the bombs dropped, the United States government sent out a carrier group into the Pacific on a mission to support troops on the Chinese mainland, a mission which would never be completed. Hearing nothing for weeks and beginning to notice pockets of radiation, everyone knew the unthinkable had happened. The carrier groups flag ship the USS Endurance, ordered the group to drop anchor at Wake Island where they would eventually set up base for the next two hundred years to follow. It is not known how the crews of these ships survived or what happened in the many years that followed the apocalypse, but what is known is that in 2256, sighting of groups of towering men and woman in in old world armour and trench coats started appearing sporadically across the East coast. Word from as far as Seattle began to reach Shady Sands in the following years to come. Rumours of a possible splinter of the old world government and a shadow company of crack troopers terrorising raiders and wastelander's alike. It is not clear whether or not they are directly related to the now infamous Enclave, but as of the current situation, they're raids begin to slowly encroach up NCR territory, posing a larger threat as the days go on. Whether this conflict will be resolved by the blood of men and women on the battlefield of the new America, or by the politicians on both sides, one thing is certain, and that is that war, war never changes.

NPC description: The Marine Marauder is equipped with a new gen USMC Combat Armor, the armour itself is likely to have come from the same manufacturers behind the Desert Combat Armor and by extension the same manufacturers behind the L.A.P.D riot armor which has become synonymous with the NCR rangers out west. Unlike the Desert Combat Armor and Riot Armor the USMC Combat Armor it is less armored, being more cost effective to manufacture and issue en mass for entire units of marines as seen with its incorporation of the webbing and equipment from other combat armor models from the US Armed Forces, the lack of armour around the stomach like other mass produced combat armor, and the armors lack of gloves. The helmet has been outfitted with a side mounted light and a in built HUD similar to that found within the various power armour models fielded prior to the Great War. Furthermore these models feature a large US flag on the left jacket shoulder for easy identification and a unit insignia on the back of the helmet. It is important to note that personalisation of helmets has been recorded with various bits of helmet graffiti and stickers being slapped onto the helmet to allow the wearer to make themselves 'stand out'. Weapons used by these Marine Marauders include a variety of ballistic, laser and plasma based weapons, these marines are also know to scavenge and uses weapons they find in the wasteland if needed. These marines are also reported to carry packs of crayons in multiple pockets, the application of these crayons however remains unknown. These troopers work in small teams of 4-6 and are highly co-ordinated and highly trained, they put up a fierce resistance when engaged in combat.

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Gooders009 05/08/2019 12:31:08 pmMay 8th, 2019

Updated base body texture: added pouches to webbing

Updated and added to lore of the character/unit thing - NPC description

Made the helmet visor translucent

Thing's I'll be working on with this skin if/when I can be asked:

Female version of the Marauder

Alternate helmet textures for varied personalisation

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06/06/2015 11:46 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Ranger
mandalore117 avatar
I really hope you continue to do such amazing skins I loved a bunch of them and I see via your proxy you like dirty bomb which is a great game. I really hope you do more fallout skins.
05/12/2015 6:40 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Cowboy
g0o0sebumps avatar
I love the Fallout series. Especially Fallout: New Vegas.
This skin is really great.
I love it.

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