~Masked~ Minecraft Skin
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Taooh's Avatar Taooh
Level 23 : Expert Dragon
I am tired...
of this mask that I painted on my face.
I designed my mask to smile.
With this came many friends, some good ,some bad
some I would die for others will be the reason for my death.
you see with this mask I never spoke about my problems.
I kept it hidden like it like it was gold.
I was always helping people out but no one was helping me.
I was slowing dying but my mask was smiling.
No one would know anything just the way my mask like it.
I want to take this mask out but its stuck
it became me now
my eyes are closing my face is still smiling.
my eyes are tired of acting but my body is at the next scene.
the next time when you look at my face maybe you would see the pain in my eye not the smile the smile on my face.

Heyo guys!
first skin of the day, sorry for being so late, wasnt here. Hope you enjoy! ^^


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