Miles Upshur (Outlast) Minecraft Skin
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Miles Upshur (Outlast)

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2012 Commander's Avatar 2012 Commander
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Hey Everybody! this is 2012commander and this is Miles Upshur from the horror game "Outlast". Miles is a freelance investigator who works for the Colorado Working Press and is emailed by an anonymous source (Waylon Park) about a possible case that is linked to the Murkoff Corporation. eager to write a story that will reveal a massive coverup, Miles drives out to the Mt. Massive Asylum where he gets locked in and has to find his way out, later going below the asylum into a secret facility experimenting on Project WALRIDER, a cloud of sentient nanobots able to be controlled by a human brain. after killing the previous host, he becomes the new host and tries to escape.
Miles Upshur (Outlast) Minecraft Skin
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