N64 Era Link skins! (8 in total) Minecraft Skin
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N64 Era Link skins! (8 in total)

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OblivionProjects's Avatar OblivionProjects
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Another update, how exciting. This time we've got 3 more recolors, and a slightly less cheap skin!

Okay, so here are previews of all of the skins available for download with the first image being patch 1, and the second patch 2.
Scroll down further for all downloads.

N64 Era Link skins! (8 in total) Minecraft Skin

N64 Era Link skins! (8 in total) Minecraft Skin

Here's the patch 1 skins:

-Here he is, the one and only hero of time in his oh-so-classic Kokiri Tunic!
N64 Era Link skins! (8 in total) Minecraft Skin

-There is now a version where Link is equipped with the Goron Tunic and his Golden Gauntlets. Right-click the below and save it to your computer if you want to use it.

-There's a version of Link in the Zora Tunic equipped with the Silver Gauntlets. Again, if you want to use this one, you can right-click it, save it to your computer, and then upload it on the official Minecraft website.

-Then lastly I made a Dark Link version for all you fellow edgelords out there, here you go.

And here's patch 2:

-Everyone likes this one, so edgy, so cool. It's Fierce Deity Link! Here it is.

-Classic but not really, oh well, counts for something, right? No

-The fourth one from Four Swords Adventure! Dubbed as 'Vio' by some of the fans, but he's just purple Link to me.

-And then there's this one, which I made only to be at a total of 8 skins instead of 7. But hey if you like yellow a lot, here you go, yellow Link.

What's that? Don't like the Ocarina Of Time design? I got you fam, here's a Twilight Princess version.
Don't forget to set your main hand to left if you wanna be as big of a nerd as me.

CreditAll me baby

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10/30/2017 3:59 pm
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Don't worry !! You can download a simple Deku Link Minecraft skin in this URL :

[url=www.planetminecraft.com/skin/happy-majoras-mask/ ]www.planetminecraft.com/skin/happy-majoras-mask/
10/03/2017 10:21 pm
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magicpikachu1214's Avatar
hi, can u make me the Deku link from majora thx \(-)+(-)
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