Nimbus 2-35, Cloud Making Robot [Contest] Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Above the Clouds Skin Contest.

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Nimbus 2-35, Cloud Making Robot [Contest]

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Cocoabunny's Avatar Cocoabunny
Level 48 : Master Bunny
Hello, and welcome to my entry for the "Above the Clouds" skin contest. The background and story aren't that great at the moment and are still a WIP. Thank you for your time :)


The history of public robots starts in 2034 when a group of scientists in what used to be called ‘Greenland’ started production of the housemaid robot. This robot would clean and cook like a butler or maid, and the start of the robotic era had begun. Different companies started to create and compete for the best robot on the market, until there were thousands of different types and models. I could go further into the robotic history, but this story is about the Nimbus 2, which had started being produced in 2046 due to another company using clouds to purify into drinking water. Many droughts had started to occur in places where rainfall was plentiful, and the company using the clouds was to blame. Another company planned for years on how to tackle this problem, and then came up with the idea of the Nimbus 2. This robot was designed to withstand high altitudes and was equipped with cloud making robotic arms. The robot was mainly for private use of different companies, unlike the many other robots used in common day cities.

                The unique features of the Nimbus 2 includes a highly intelligent brain for making the best decisions to problems that the robot may come across, cloud making arms for its main purpose of creating clouds, bulletproof armor for protection, and rocket powered boots for the best flying.

                The specific robot the skin and the following story is about is Nimbus 2-35. The number in the middle stands for that robot’s main Headquarter’s number.  There is usually another dash after the second number, but since this robot was the first one made at that base there is just an understood ‘-1’ after it.

WIP Story

**SCREEEEECHHH** “This is K35 Headquarters, what is your altitude Nimbus 2-35, over.” **BLOOP**

**BLOOP** “I am at 7,000 feet and am slowly increasing elevation. I just approached the mid-level cloud layer 3 minutes ago, over. “ **BLOOP**

**SCREEEEEEEEECH** “Alrig- stop- get to the 5-“ *Cuts out*

**BLOOP** “K35 please repeat, over.” **BLOOP**

It was quite a normal day in 2056 for the robot Nimbus 2-35, until just now. Nimbus 2-35 would slowly but surely fly up to about 10,000 feet in elevation, start up his cloud making arms, and cover the sky in the fluffy, marshmallow looking shapes.

 “Hmm. I think I lost my signal,” Nimbus 2-35 said to itself. “I’ll decrease my elevation and see if I can pick it back up, that last message sounded quite important.”  Lower and lower he descended until he reached about 2,000 feet.

“Hello, K35, can you read? This is Nimbus 2-35, I had lost the signal and could not understand the message, over.”


“That… that did not sound good at all. What in the world is going on? I will continue my duty for the day, I don’t want to interrupt.” The robot then flew back up and started its cloud maker back up. He started flying from city to city creating the artwork through the clouds that he had been creating for the past 4 years.

 12 hours had gone by and the bright orange gaseous sun was beginning to drift under the horizon. This was a sign for the end of Nimbus 2-35’s work day, so it decided to descend back to about 2,000 feet and check on the headquarters again.

 “This is Nimbus 2-35 to K35 Headquart- what is that.” It had spotted an unidentified object flying quite fast towards it.

“Hello? Please identify yourself to me, or you will be reported immediately.” Nimbus 2-35 said to it. The object did not stop or even slow its speed- it started to fly even faster towards Nimbus 2-35. It zoomed past, making no contact to Nimbus 2-35.

 “This is Nimbus 2-35, I am reporting an unidentified object that I can’t seem to make positive contact with. It appears to be an enemy, over.”

**SCREECH** “Hello Nimbus 2-35, this is Headquarters L23, thank you for filing your report. We have identified the object as an enemy, please return to your home station.” **BLOOP**

                Nimbus 2-35 then started to descend below the cloud level- he had only been to the ground twice in his lifespan, and he would’ve been scared if he wasn’t an emotionless robot. He could see his station very clearly, and it was not a good sight. The radio towers had been shot over by something, and the buildings were in flames, and there was no sign of life for miles.

“What has happened? I shall contact L23 agai- my radio system seems to be jammed by something nearby.” Nimbus 2-35 then decided the fly around the surrounding area to investigate. He then spotted some robots that looked like itself.

“Ah, there are my co-workers. I shall greet them and see what has happened. Hello!” Nimbus 2-35 said as he approached the group. “What has happened to headquarters?”

A robot with the code ‘Nimbus 2-35-8’ spoke up and replied. “We are not sure, but we are positive it has been attacked by an unknown enemy. We have contacted the nearest Headquarters besides our own, L23.”

“I had just make contact with them not too long ago to file a report for an unidentified object that they then identified as an enemy,” Nimbus 2-35 told the group.

“They had told us to contact our Headquarters’ other robots to group up. Did you receive the message?” Nimbus 2-35-8 said.

“I did not,” Nimbus 2-35 honestly replied. “I was just searching around for some evidence of a jammer because my radio had been jammed. Have you spotted anything?”  

“No, we did not. We are going to stay here and wait for more news.” Nimbus 2-35-8 said.

“I am going to go search around for the jammer, we won’t be able to receive anymore instructions or news if we don’t destroy it.” Nimbus 2-35 said as he started to fly away.


“No, I do not, but if we don’t find the jammer,” Nimbus 2-35 replied, “we won’t be able to receive anymore orders.”

“WE HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO STAY IN A FORMATION TOGETHER. DO NOT LEAVE, OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED.” Nimbus 2-35-8 said as he started to walk towards Nimbus 2-35.

“I am going to go. Goodbye,” Nimbus 2-35 yelled as he started flying away. 2-35-8 started shooting bright red, hot lasers at 2-35.

“LASERS? When were we supposed to get an upgrade with LASERS?” Nimbus 2-35 thought to itself. Each laser 2-35-8 shot missed 2-35, some by a few centimeters. Nimbus 2’s armor is bulletproof, but not laser. 2-35 barely escaped to a newly worn-down warehouse without a single scratch.

“This is very odd. What is going on?” Nimbus 2-35 said to itself. “Oh lucky me, there is what seems to be the jammer.” He then walked over, each step of its metal feet shaking the concrete ground. The robot then lifted up its foot until he was hovering just above the small metal box. As he forcefully pressed his foot down on the jammer, the sound it made was comparable to the sound a small helpless bug makes when you step on it.
“Ah, there we go. Radios are back up. L23, can you read me?” Nimbus 2-35 called out.

Little '3D' preview incase you can't see it
Thank you for taking your time to view my entry, if you like it leaving a diamond would certainly help me make it to the finals. :)

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07/11/2014 12:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Eatzesquash42's Avatar
Nice skin and creative little storyline. Good luck in contest! :)
06/29/2014 2:21 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Gent
Deeno's Avatar
06/29/2014 2:22 pm
Level 48 : Master Bunny
Cocoabunny's Avatar
Well uh I am glad you <3 it 

Thank you c:
06/25/2014 6:17 am
Level 42 : Master Nether Knight
Duskhawk's Avatar
Looks like the Robo Cop for that robot skin contest. I should kill myself.
06/25/2014 9:23 am
Level 48 : Master Bunny
Cocoabunny's Avatar
Nah, I realized after I created the head it looked similar to Lan's Space Cop for the outerspace contest, but eh, the skin won't get anywhere in the contest anyways :p
06/26/2014 4:11 am
Level 42 : Master Nether Knight
Duskhawk's Avatar
Not true, tis epicness itself.
06/22/2014 5:32 pm
Level 45 : Master Pyro
ItsPyro's Avatar
I wish you could have hue shifted purple/blue color towards green instead of blue/cyan
06/22/2014 5:37 pm
Level 48 : Master Bunny
Cocoabunny's Avatar
Ooh, yeah, usually when I go toward the highlight color on the palette I decrease saturation so it loses a lot of it's 'color', but I'll probably try it :)
06/22/2014 5:44 pm
Level 45 : Master Pyro
ItsPyro's Avatar
Cocoabunny maybe instead of decreasing sat you might want to increase it a bit like lets say 6
06/22/2014 4:07 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blob
Speedy's Avatar
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