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Pontiff Sulyvahn | Dark Souls III

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Neuptoyde's Avatar Neuptoyde
Level 26 : Expert uwu
Pontiff Sulyvahn
  It's one of the most known and hardest boss in Dark Souls III, it's the second skin of my Dark Souls III serie. He was harder to do than Nameless King, cause of a weird and more colored palette. In the firts skin, Nameless King, I needed to delete some details cause no important, but here... like the lines on the face, were too accurate and too small to get in the skin even if that one of the particularities of the Pontiff. An other thing which characterizes Sulyvahn is the two sword... so ofc I couldn't make them in the skin. Also, I didn't do the little tears on the clothes.
  But there were two main problems while doing that skin, first of all, the colors, I did the same type as Nameless King, ofc, it's a serie but they are maybe too colorfull, but it's not a fault, I mean : in DS III, there are way more layers and depth, and u can differentiate all the elements of somebody because of the 3d, but for a mc skin, u can't, there are only 2 layers, that's why I had to use more pronounced colors. And OFC, the proportions were a big problem, and it's always one if u adapt a skin from a normal sized guy.

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07/20/2019 1:46 pm
Level 75 : Legendary Sus
Nitgo's Avatar
It's one of the most known bosses in the game that I have never heard of.
07/20/2019 1:49 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
Neuptoyde's Avatar
because u never played the game, and he has a huge role in the Lore
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