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aphantimes's Avatar aphantimes
Level 41 : Master Blockhead
original version:
Gavin is a spaceship black box/AI assistant given a humanoid shape and a personality. Spaceships are given a black box before every flight, where they link themselves to the ship and record everything going on, while also giving the crew the information they need. They triple as flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders and video recorders. Instead of the crew having to check everything, they can just ask their black box if everything's clear for take off or landing. The crew still need to manually control the ship, though. The black boxes owned by the government and are not available for purchase.

The black boxes have two sets of memory, one that's permanent and keeps its personality, interactions, relationships, etc. Basically like human memory but more detailed. The second one is all of the flight data. They regularly drop off the flight data at citadels, which clears out room for new data. In the extremely unlikely event that they ever run out of memory, it records over itself in a loop, like a normal black box.

In the event of a crash, the black box's job is to get to the nearest citadel and drop off the data. If there are any survivors, the black box will try to take them with it. The antennas come into use here. Usually the black box just uses the ships navigation tools, but with no ship they need to rely on their own navigation tools. So, antennas. If they're stuck in space with no way of getting to a populated area, they'll send out a distress signal that only citadels can receive and hope someone comes to pick them up.

Every black box has its own personality, and none are the same. They all do their job just as well as each other. Gavin's a pretty chill guy, if you get to know him. He's a bit of a sarcastic asshole at times but never anything too bad. Being asked obvious questions bothers him a lot because he's not allowed to ignore questions from a crew member. He likes to play board games with the crews he's particularly fond of. His favourite is scrabble, he always wins.

In this world, space travel is mostly used to transport materials between planets. There are commercial flights, but they are obscenely expensive and hold less than 30 passengers. All large cities, the aforementioned citadels, are equipped to receive flight data from black boxes. Black boxes have very advanced batteries that last for over a year, but they recharge to full at citadels when they can. All ships have back up batteries in case the trip takes longer than a year, but they're very rarely needed.

im just spewing a bunch of nonsense i dont think antennas even work in space h h h
Gavin being annoyed

Messy Gavin Ref

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11/10/2018 11:54 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Ranger
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you do realise you can get like 10 year batteries
11/11/2018 12:13 am
Level 41 : Master Blockhead
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well he does take up a lot of power. i mean, hes gotta record every second of flight data, everything down to like idk the specific degrees of the flaps and slats if spaceships need that, he's gotta record all the sounds he hears, he's got his own thoughts going on, he's gotta interpret and understand everything he sees and hears, he's basically a human being that also has to record their entire life all with the power of a single rechargeable battery.
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