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Shen Qingqiu

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u_okeii_fam avatar u_okeii_fam
Level 36 : Artisan Artist
Shen Qingqiu from Scum Villains Self Saving System. Made this a while ago but forgot about it lol, and only decided to post this cause binghe will QAQ
Like I said, I had made this a while ago, and I wasnt really satisfied with it at all. The hair was ehhh, parts of it where i didnt notice (like the inside of the legs, top of the torso) werent finished/didnt match or fit with the rest of the skin. It was a total mess lol I remember when making this the robes took sooooo long and even when I finished i didnt like how it came out.
I would fix more of it, maybe redo some parts (like the robe) but I no longer have the individual parts.

Well.. qingqiu with him or not, binghe would QAQ either way

This skin is 3-pixel arm friendly and Ming Yi is in the making :9

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