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Shuttle Spelunker

Shuttle Spelunker Minecraft Skin
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avatar jzpelaez
Level 32 : Artisan Engineer
Something that popped into my mind.

Space travel, something humanity achieved centuries ago, having expanded to multiple solar systems over time. Old relics from the pre-light-speed era inhabit many old abandoned colonies, whether they be living, mining, or even governmental. History was lost as humanity spread out, data lost due to failures in archival systems that occurred rarely over those centuries. Brave individuals, who some would actually call pirates, find said old tech relics that lurk in the shadows of the galaxy, documenting them, reclaiming the data of the pre-light-speed era that was lost over time. Once done, they salvage the parts of the ship, or they bring them back for the long haul, giving them places in museums of humanity's endeavors.

These individuals require an EVA suit lest they suffer the consequence of being in the harsh environment of empty space with their metaphorical, and sometimes literal pants down. These individuals more often than not make their own custom suit, and no pun intended, suited to the working conditions they plan to enter. After all, if you were going to an old mining and forging colony, you'd want something that protects you from the temperatures. This individual's suit in particular is a lightweight polymer, made for flexibility, and utility. Equipped with a lightweight liquid oxygen tank, that gradually releases the necessary amount of oxygen after decompressing it back into gaseous form. Additionally, the gloves and boots have a togglable function that allows for the grounding to metallic materials with the use of efficiently placed electromagnets. Containing a device within the gloves that allows for kinetic manipulation at variable ranges of objects for heavy lifting, because that two ton container is still going to weigh a ton even in low gravity environments, that and it's much more practical instead of dragging the object with a chain. The visor has a thin gold plating allowing for transparency, and protection from visual assailants, such as exposure to high amounts of ultra-violet radiation.

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Update #1 : 06/19/2016 11:05:41 amJun 19th, 2016

Adjusted shading on face for smoother look.
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