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llPettyCandlesll's Avatar llPettyCandlesll
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Posting for the 3rd time in a row today, I am once again continuing my stylized series with the toys!

So let's embrace the new look of our:


I wanted to try something a little different. I was originally going to make mangle a clown, but then realized how overdone the concept might seem, so I went in a whole new direction, and turned mangle into a geshia!

Hence the kimono!👘

I thought trying something new would bring a new idea to the table in the various mangle designs out there! Do most of them feature them in a kimono? Not that I've seen nor heard of! But that most certainly can't make me the first I'd like to assume!😅

Mangle would not only be an attraction to break apart, but to also server as a lesson in embracing cultures and tradition! Showing a sense of diversity and that everyone is different! But that doesn't mean we have to be enemies, friends can found anywhere and everywhere! Just know where to look!

The kimono they wear is mainly used to cover their broken body after a day of playing with the kids! That aside, it comes in a beautiful pink color, with golden flowers plastered up and down the cloth! The red lining on the sleeves, the gold and white rims to match the flowers, and a beautiful ribbon to tie the kimono all together!🎀

My favorite part however has to be the beautiful flower corsage I place on her head, one side has a flower, one side has an earring to match the flower's colors!🌺🌸💮

and as a bonus, I gave them a long tail! Figured some of you would appreciate that, I sure did! I thought it made it better in fact!🦊

I'm curious as to what you all think of my twist on mangle! 😯😲


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Update! : by llPettyCandlesll 07/09/2023 6:22:20 pmJul 9th, 2023

I sit here face palming as I realize that I forgot to highlight shade Mangle's other sleeve. Smh 😑

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Crazy Is Crazy when:
09/24/2022 3:17 pm
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Hey! I used to watch that channel!
09/24/2022 1:16 pm
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She's got a long neck 👀