Swedish Karoliner Musketeer - The Great Northern War Minecraft Skin
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Swedish Karoliner Musketeer - The Great Northern War

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Gendercultist's Avatar Gendercultist
Level 41 : Master Fox
"To compensate for the lack of manpower and resources Swedenstrove for innovative ways to make an effective army. The successful path of innovative military ideas was in fact the only way Sweden managed to achieve a great power status. However, having to rely on this to maintain power status was uncertain. The Carolean soldiers were effective soldiers, as shown by the their efforts in the Great Northern War, with battles such as Narva, Düna, Klissow, Pultusk, Jakobstadt, Gemauerthof, Warsaw, Fraustadt, Holowczyn, Helsingborg and Gadebusch. Thanks to their achievements during this war, they are regarded to havebeen perhaps the most effective military troops of that day. The Carolean army was small and because of the sparse number of soldiers it needed a continuance of victories, as a heavy defeat could be irreparable. It was defeated after a long and fateful march into the Russian interior, where they were exposed to scorched earth tactics, small frequent raids and the cold Russian climate. The Swedish soldiers who reached the battle of Poltava were exhausted and hungry. During this long march an estimated 35,000 Swedish soldiers - 70 percent of the army - died of famine, disease and exhaustion. The battle ended in a decisive Russian victory which resulted in the decline of the Swedish Empire." - Wikipedia

Do not take this skin and repost it on any other skinning sites such as Skindex, Novaskin, or Minersneedcoolshoes.

Based upon this image:

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Update #1 : by Gendercultist 10/19/2014 10:39:48 amOct 19th, 2014

Changed the Boots to look nicer, rather than the original lazy job at boots.

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10/19/2014 11:01 am
Level 20 : Expert Narwhal
NoelleChillRose's Avatar
Awesome skin i will diamond fav and sub for u!
10/09/2014 4:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Thesmellypocket's Avatar
lol Putin
10/09/2014 4:52 pm
Level 41 : Master Fox
Gendercultist's Avatar
Dah! Putin!
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