The Dullahan Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Happy Halloween Community Event.

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The Dullahan

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Pixperfect's Avatar Pixperfect
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Procrastinator
According to Celtic folklore, the Dullahan is the physical embodiment of Crom Cruach, the god of fertility. Crom Cruach demanded a yearly human sacrifice, promising large yields of milk and crops in return. When the worship of Crom Cruach had ended, and the sacrificial cycle had ceased, he grew furious. It is said that he took on a physical form and roamed the Earth, searching for mortal souls to take. His appearance resembled that of a headless corpse with soul energy spewing from its neck, holding his severed head high into the air, in search of his next victim. In his other hand he carried a human spine, using it as a whip to lash out the eyes of those who looked upon him. On each hunt, he would only speak to call out the name of his victim before stealing their soul. To ward off the Dullahan, one must lay a golden charm before him. Only then will he go back from whence he came and allow his victim to live another day.

This is my second submission for the Happy Halloween Community Event. I hope you all enjoy using this skin as much as I did making it! :)

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The Maniall
10/10/2021 10:08 am
Level 31 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
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Do Taranis The Celtic god of thunder.
10/10/2021 8:06 am
Level 37 : Artisan Skinner
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That one is really good.
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